How to use technology for success in HR and professional development

Montreal - 2022 | 07 | 11

And why a digital transformation won’t let you down.

Let’s first start with the truth: if you haven’t incorporated some form of software or technology into your HR efforts, you are most definitely behind a few of your major competitors. And while making these adjustments may seem time-consuming, confusing, and even frustrating, your digital transformation journey doesn’t actually have to be an arduous endeavor. Isn’t that a relief?

In fact, you should see some great improvements in multiple sectors of your business or professional development when it comes to incorporating tech into your work. Here are just a few ways to use it wisely for maximum results.

Claim your space with outstanding HR and consulting performance management 

Whether you’re working in HR, consulting, or professionally coaching employees or clients, keeping track of what you’re doing and the results you produce is an essential part of making progress and improvements to your work and business.

You might believe that performance management systems are solely reserved for HR. And while they are tremendously helpful in areas like talent management, they can be of great service in other places, too, and can really help other levels of leadership in an organization. For instance, you could implement a performance management cycle into your work and/or learning development, where you can plan, monitor, develop, rate, and reward your business efforts and projects.

By finding a great performance management platform that works for your professional development, productivity can be increased by having all your metrics easily accessible and laid out in front of you. Doing so could help you determine the next best steps for progress and improve several parts of your development plan.

However, it’s important to stay mindful: A business coaching or HR digital transformation using a performance management platform is a solid investment, but you cannot solely rely on it for strategy development. Without a detailed and thought-out strategy in place first, automation could become a stressor rather than an aid.

Enrich individual and organizational experiences

Keeping an eye on sales is important, but making sure your employees are happy and thriving is essential for long-term organizational and professional success.  Due to the pandemic, we now see a large increase in business conducted within the walls of a home instead of an office. Because of this, technology must be adapted to fit new needs and routines. The impact of technology in the workplace is a large one, and depending on how you implement it, can make or break your business and development efforts.

On the other side of the spectrum, conducting business with a client remotely is relatively new to many individuals. It can be challenging to give clients the same type of experience as they were able to give pre-pandemic and can alter results and progress if there is no conversation or strategy for how to perform in this setting.

Fortunately, there are several keys to success when working remotely with a client. For example, if a consultant or coach is looking to help a client with their own professional and/or career development, techniques to keep them motivated in combination with the right tools and platforms can make a world of a difference, potentially even offering them a better experience than ever before.

For professional coaches and consultants working with individuals or organizations, science-backed psychometric assessments can further client progress and make online business coaching a much smoother process. When using platforms like SuccessFinder and giving your team access to detailed behavioral reports like the SuccessFinder Profile Insights , productivity can be increased by promoting self-awareness. Using technology to discover strengths and areas of development in an individual can catapult not only their success in their own careers, but help an entire organization assess where they need improvement to reach company-wide goals, and how they can coach employees and team members to apply their strengths in the right places.

Get obsessed with the tech revolution

Every solo professional and organization has a niche they need to impress with ample amounts of exciting content that grabs attention and converts. When teamed up with a strong marketing strategy, a digital transformation journey is the way to go in order to truly use technology for success in the marketing and sales sectors.

For example, online business coaching has recently taken the world by storm. In order to be recognized and found by the right people, a strategic marketing presence is needed. Using platforms like various social media accounts, lead acquisition analytics, and client management software, your professional efforts can meet success much faster.

You might think this is obvious – everyone knows you either have an online presence, or you don’t exist. What many might have trouble realizing is that they aren’t using these digital platforms to the maximum of their abilities, often overlooking many beneficial features. Taking the time to do a deep dive on a platform and become an expert in its use could do wonders for your business and career.

There are various ways you could become an “expert” in a platform. Whether your goal is to become more proficient in your field by advancing your skills, there’s always something available online to help you succeed.

For anyone who’s consulting, leading a team, or working in HR, you already know how important is to bring your team together in a positive and collaborative space, encouraging them to exercise their strengths, while being open to being coached on certain areas of development. A great way for you to do that is by completing your SuccessFinder Certification.

By becoming proficient in SuccessFinder’s competency model, you’ll be able to promote self-awareness within your team. Learn to analyze an individual’s behavioral profile and deliver key insights in a live debrief setting, no matter what stage you are at in your HR, coaching, or consulting practice. Adding a data-driven approach to your coaching techniques brings to light an array of possibilities for individual or organizational success.

Technology isn’t going anywhere – that’s a fact. With all the options presented to us today, why not embrace a digital transformation and use technology for success in your business or career?

Psychometric assessments with accurate, science-backed data are one of the most reliable forms of technology you could use to unlock potential in individuals or organizations.

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Written by
Galina Gharibian