SuccessFinder Certification

Master SuccessFinder’s competency model

Get immersed in SuccessFinder’s science and enrich your behavioral insights knowledge.

What for?

This training applies to all stages of your HR or consulting processes. From coaching of employees and managers, succession planning, and analysis of team synergies to the acquisition of behavioral intelligence.

For who?

This training is intended for HR professionals, business team leaders, managers and coaches or consultants.


Learn to analyze an individual’s behavioral profile using SuccessFinder’s competency model and deliver key insights in a live debrief setting.

Certification details


$550 per person


Allows participants to absorb, at their own pace, the basic theoretical notions of behavioral science and the competency model developed by the I/O psychologist team at SuccessFinder. Teaching methods: the theory is well integrated with knowledge checks and real-life examples that deepen trainee understanding of the material and bring it to life


Approx. 8 to 10 hours

We’ll let these professionals tell you about our impact

I have used several assessment tools in my career and SuccessFinder differentiates itself as a powerful solution to accurately understand an individual's profile in terms of their preferences and career interests. We use in talent acquisition, talent development and succession. The data provided is very relevant and allows us to increase our level of confidence in our decisions.

Dominique Magnan, CRHA, c.o.

Dominique Magnan, CRHA, c.o.

Director, Corporate Succession Management


There is something magical about being able to apply science to bring insight and objectivity to a career conversation.

Genevieve Fortier

Genevieve Fortier

Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs


SuccessFinder understands and explains people like no one else. HR folks, it’s the best tool I’ve seen in the market for unlocking the potential of your people and your organization. Its why we are proud to be using SuccessFinder as a key pillar of our Culture Strategy at Ziing - our entire Senior Leadership team is even SuccessFinder certified!

Sarah Lange

Sarah Lange

Director of Human Resources


Proudly empowering

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Learning objectives


Learn about psychometrics and SuccessFinder’s unique characteristics


Interpret behavioral data using SuccessFinder competencies and Profile Insights tools


Understand behavioral profiles in the context of different roles and organizational levels


Deliver the key behavioral insights from your analysis in a live debrief setting 


Add a data-driven approach to your behavioral coaching

5-module training

1. What is SuccessFinder

Learn about psychometric assessments and the science behind SuccessFinder

2. SuccessFinder competencies

Gain a clear understanding of the SuccessFinder 26-competency behavioral model as well as how they are derived from underlying traits

3. Predictive insights - Ladder of Leadership

Learn about the Ladder of Leadership research-based competency model and how to interpret individual’s profiles based on fit. Prepare delivery of nuanced and personalized feedback based on match with any or all levels of leadership

4. Predictive insights - Role fit

Learn how and when to use SuccessFinder’s role-specific benchmarks to provide contextual and predictive insights on an individual’s profile

5. Delivering a debrief on a participant's profile

Practice how to deliver a live debrief by applying what you have learned in different real-life debrief scenarios

Continue your journey

Individual coaching sessions

Refine your profile analysis and debrief skills while preparing for and delivering a live debrief alongside a SuccessFinder Master Coach. Available upon request.

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Validate your knowledge and continue developing as a practitioner through discussions with SuccessFinder experts and our global practitioner network on the LinkedIn community forum and during live workshop sessions.

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Validate your knowledge and continue developing as a practitioner through discussions with SuccessFinder experts and our global practitioner network on the LinkedIn community forum and during live workshop sessions.

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