Benchmarking against the SuccessFinder Agile Mindset model


Navigate a successful digital transformation by embodying agile behaviors across the organization

  1. Equip leaders with an understanding of their innate agile behaviors
  2. Create a shared understanding of needed agile behaviors at a time of high change in the organization
  3. Enable change management activities


1. SuccessFinder Agile Mindset Solution to increase employees’ self-awareness and understanding of how to “be” agile

2. Immersive group workshops to maximize the value employees’ derive from their personalized insights


85 of transformation office leaders participated in the Agile Mindset initiative to support their development as well as their teams'

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“To deliver on our strategy, we are undergoing a corporate-wide operating model change and have leveraged SuccessFinder’s Agile Mindset to facilitate the transition. I have been very impressed with how accurate the SuccessFinder predictive model is. Targeted to our leaders, this allowed us to maintain wellness levels during a period of high change as the role of the leader was being redefined.”

Vice-President, Digital Strategy & Delivery

Client Organization