SuccessFinder and SISMIK Impactful Culture: An innovative partnership for a thriving organizational culture

Montreal - 2024 | 01 | 18

SuccessFinder, the leader in predictive behavioral talent assessments for the workplace, today announced a partnership agreement with SISMIK Impactful Culture, a key player in the field of organizational development consulting and impactful Human Resources strategies.

This partnership opens the way for a collaboration aimed at fostering innovative organizational cultures which are conducive to success. SuccessFinder and SISMIK Impactful Culture seek to create a unique synergy to optimize the human potential of companies. By analyzing behavior in depth using precise data, the two partners will offer comprehensive, customized solutions, transforming organizations and propelling their teams forward.

" Our common goal is to help organizations prosper by creating strong organizational cultures adapted to the challenges of the modern world. Thanks to this collaboration, we’re expanding our palette of possibilities, and offering our customers looking for customized consulting services a wider range of options, to meet their unique needs with renewed excellence. "

Charles Guay

President & COO, SuccessFinder

The partnership between SuccessFinder and SISMIK Impactful Culture promises to bring significant advantages to companies seeking to remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment. The combination of SuccessFinder’s behavioral science with SISMIK Impactful Culture’s forward-thinking HR consulting services will enable companies to better understand their teams and create cohesive corporate cultures to achieve business goals and succeed on a human level.

" Our team is fully certified on the SuccessFinder psychometric tool and we are already seeing the tangible impact with many of our clients. The cultural benchmark solution scientifically supports our research and recommendations for building cultures that harmoniously combine organizational performance, employee experience and engagement. It's a partnership that fits perfectly with our mission! "

Renée-Claude Paris

President and Co-Founder, SISMIK Impactful Culture

Together, this partnership redefines the standards of excellence in Human Resources management to create a long-term, positive impact on Quebec’s business landscape.

About SuccessFinder

Predictable Leadership Excellence.

SuccessFinder accelerates leadership excellence by assessing people’s potential using the power of Behavioral DNA. Our solution empowers leaders and teams with self-awareness by revealing the key behaviors required to excel in their roles and reach their full potential. We revolutionize how companies assess, identify, and develop top talent, within their unique context and culture.

SuccessFinder drives results for hundreds of leading organizations around the world, including CAE, Beneva, Magna International, iA Groupe financier, McKesson/Rexall, Dentalcorp and many other leading companies, financial institutions and global manufacturers.

About SISMIK Impactful Culture

SISMIK Impactful Culture is a boutique consulting firm that offers services in leadership coaching, organizational development and HR strategies. We help leaders innovate and build strong company cultures that transform their organizations and drive their teams forward. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. This is the reason why we define and implement powerful and coherent strategies with our clients so they can reach their business goals and succeed from an HR perspective.

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Marie-Audrey Roy
Director of Marketing and Communications

Renée-Claude Paris
President and Co-Founder
SISMIK Impactful Culture