What our client from Énergir had to say about us…

Montreal - 2022 | 05 | 30

Being self-aware means having a much easier time finding out what career opportunities will suit us best.

Here is what Valérie Gagné, HR Analyst at Énergir, had to say about using SuccessFinder, and how it helped her unlock her potential as she made the decision to change her job role and leverage her strengths for something that better suited her profile:

Talent management and hiring decisions are some of the most important choices an organization will make, and within industries that serve our society and make our daily lives easier, the stakes can be even higher.

Énergir is involved in several sectors like renewable energy, liquefied and compressed natural gas, solar and wind power, and electricity. The organization’s main mission is to help create a more energy-efficient future, a mission that requires dedicated individuals who will be passionate team players in succeeding in this goal.

With SuccessFinder’s help, Énergir was able to leverage behavioral data backed by 50 years of science to select their ideal candidates, ultimately becoming one step closer to their goal each day.

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Written by
Galina Gharibian