Hiring bias is now a thing of the past at NB Power thanks to data-driven recruitment


Establish more systematic processes for recruitment and succession management in order to quickly fill senior-level roles that had become vacant due to retirement as well as key positions with the unique requirements of a high-security nuclear facility.

  1. Quickly hire for key open positions, especially at the senior level
  2. Reduce bias in hiring decisions to decrease employee turnover
  3. Predict hiring success for specific roles


1. For internal job postings, measure candidates who meet the minimum requirements against behavioral traits specific to the job in order to predict role fit


2. For external hires, assess shortlisted candidates using the SuccessFinder behavioral test in order to predict performance and retention


3. Use behavioral insights to support personal and team development, workforce planning, conflict resolution, as well as employee wellness and accommodation


87 reduction in turnover for specific job categories

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“We’ve used SuccessFinder for over a decade to make talent decisions. I can’t imagine running my organization without it. It gives key insights into the natural behavior of people and helps them see the kind of work they will thrive in. I believe it has materially impacted our business. I’m a big fan.”

Gaetan Thomas
Former CEO
NB Power