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SuccessFinder accelerates talent development programs by assessing and unlocking human potential with behavioral science.

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Bridge Gaps. Nurture Leaders.

Revolutionize how you assess, identify, and develop top talent, with a personalized approach adapted to their unique context and your company culture.

The most detailed behavioral insights on the market

Driving leadership excellence with talent insights built from over 50 years of PhD research and practitioner experience.

Create real behavior change

Develop leaders who can consistently reinforce and practice the right behaviors, providing them with the tools to maximize their potential in their roles.

Shift toward a culture of growth

Build leadership development programs that foster culturally-aligned leader growth instead of impeding it.

Propel organizational success

Empower leaders with greater self-awareness to make more effective decisions, as they can leverage their strengths and avoid pitfalls.

Lean on data. Elevate your HR programs.

Performance Predictor

Harness precise behavioral data to build performance benchmarks, revealing the unique traits that distinguish a high performer from a low or medium performer within your organization.

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Ladder of Leadership

Decode what makes executives and leaders successful in their respective roles. Leverage a proprietary behavioral competency model to help drive performance across three levels of leadership and adeptly manage transitions in leadership.

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Culture Impact

Define your organizational culture by aligning your aspirational goals with empirical data, all while predicting the impact of individual contributors and identifying your cultural champions.

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SuccessFinder Profile Insights

Interpret an individual’s competency profile and highlight the unique mix of behaviors and traits they bring to the workplace. Turn in-depth insights into action with clear development steps allowing leaders to reach their full potential.

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Let’s talk about your leaders Let’s talk about your leaders Let’s talk about your leaders

Let’s talk about your leaders Let’s talk about your leaders Let’s talk about your leaders

“Sales and financial services advisors play a critical role, and SuccessFinder has given us a tried-and-tested way to predict who the high performers will be in these fields. It’s having a material impact on our bottom line.”

Martin Robert
VP Talent Development,
Culture and Communications

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“CAE is committed to investing in and supporting our people leaders’ growth and development. We successfully deployed the SuccessFinder assessment to all our leaders globally to support their development and inspire them to reach their full potential. We recently introduced our custom Leadership Pillars, which are the guiding principles for CAE’s leaders, to empower them to excel every day.”

Dan Sharkey
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

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“It’s a great fit! We can even use it for our job postings; I see it as an incredible tool, both for recruiting and developing our people! And it’s really enhanced people’s impact. We now have two benchmarks we can draw on to improve team depth and enhance the team.”

Richard Georges
General Manager
Caisse Desjardins du Centre-nord de Montréal

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“The profiles that SuccessFinder has developed describe exactly what I’ve been trying to pinpoint for the last 20 years; what kind of sales representatives should we hire? When I look at the profile and traits, it’s complete and relevant… and on top of that, SuccessFinder allows us to compare candidates with the profile we benchmarked.”

Johnny Roy
Vice President of Sales
Industrial Alliance

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