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SuccessFinder offers your organization the power to hire right, and develop and retain your employees thanks to hyper relevant data.

Behavioral data for predictive hiring and talent management

You’re the one making countless talent decisions every day. You know that even one misstep can greatly affect the financial and cultural health of your company. SuccessFinder’s behavioral assessment tool is designed to eliminate guesswork with accurate people data.

They chose SuccessFinder and they saw results

SuccessFinder is easy to use and see, very fast, the link between who you have in front of you and their potential to successfully occupy a new role.

Genevieve Fortier

Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs, McKesson

Now CEO, Promutuel Assurance

After seeing the level of accuracy and completeness of SuccessFinder, I truly believed that we could uncover the recipe for success that characterizes our top performers. And that was the case.

Johnny Roy

Johnny Roy

VP Sales

iA Financial Group

We reviewed some 40 tools that are in the marketplace and what really distinguished SuccessFinder from the competition is the definition around the traits is very specific.

Pelly Shafto

VP HR & Organizational Development

Morrison Hershfield

We’ve used SuccessFinder for over a decade to make talent decisions. I can’t imagine running my organization without it.

Gaetan Thomas

Formerly CEO

New-Brunswick Power

I have used several assessment tools in my career and SuccessFinder differentiates itself as a powerful solution to accurately understand an individual's profile in terms of their preferences and career interests. We use in talent acquisition, talent development and succession. The data provided is very relevant and allows us to increase our level of confidence in our decisions.

Dominique Magnan, CRHA, c.o.

Team Leader, Corporate Succession Management | Executive Vice-President, Talent, Culture and Communication


SuccessFinder’s Agile Mindset profile is bang on. It captures so well the behavioral components of agility and gives us an objective and actionable way to support our employees in maximizing their potential and their success in an agile environment. I recommend this solution to anyone looking to seriously manage the people side of a successful agile transformation.

Karl Harik

Karl Harik

Director, Human Resources


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Reducing turnover by capitalizing on culture at Big Bang


Keep up with high growth while retaining a unique culture.

  1. Keep up with growth
  2. Retain workplace culture
  3. Rethink HR processes


1. Decode the behavioral profiles of Big Bang employees to identify the traits that make up the current culture and drive success

2. Create a data-driven solution to predict cultural fit and career success in potential new hires

3. Use this behavioral analysis to enhance HR processes, increase retention, and attract top talent who will drive Big Bang’s long-term vision



83 decrease in involuntary turnover

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“We have a happier team, new hires that are billable sooner, promoted in a shorter time, and are a successful part of the team. And best of all: they contribute to increased customer satisfaction.”

Gabriel Tupula
Chief Executive Officer
Big Bang


How SuccessFinder helped Rexall reduce their turnover rate by half


Provide best talent management practices and counsel to its 450 pharmacy stores across Canada, especially in regard to manager positions.

  1. Hire more top performers in key positions
  2. Minimize exit rate and outplacement


1. Introduce HR team and hiring managers to SucessFinder’s intuitive behavioral assessment platform

2. Enhance recruitment decisions with scientific behavioral data to ensure best fit

3.  Use the behavioral data to onboard new hires, assess talent composition, and develop leadership pipelines


50 reduction in turnover

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“SuccessFinder has really caught on. People won’t make hiring decisions without the assessment in their hands. The information is relevant, accurate, and meaningful: people are blown away by the amount of information they get back and how right it is.”

Frank Monteleone, CHRE
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, B2C Businesses
McKesson Canada


Drive revenue growth by predicting future top performers at iA


Recruit and retain top talents to sustain strong revenue growth.

  1. Reduce turnover rate
  2. Sustain strong revenue growth


1. Craft a personalized performance profile using the behavioral traits shared exclusively by high performers within the iA team

2. Compare candidate profiles using the personalized performance profile to determine which ones have the potential to become high performers

3. Use this analysis to convince top candidates to join the team because they have what it takes to succeed


84 more life insurance sales

60 more saving and investments sales

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“The profiles that SuccessFinder has developed describe exactly what I’ve been trying to pinpoint for the last 20 years; what kind of sales representatives should we hire? When I look at the profile and traits, it’s complete and relevant… and on top of that, SuccessFinder allows us to compare candidates with the profile we benchmarked.”

Johnny Roy
Vice President of Sales
Industrial Alliance


Predicting top sales representative success at Beneva


Streamline hiring processes to reduce time to hire, cost, and employee turnover, particularly for the sales advisor positions, which generate as many as 40,000 applications every year.

  1. Improve hiring process
  2. Hire more top performers
  3. Improve retention rate


1. Collect a large behavioral data set from high, mid, and low performers

2. Use the resulting profile to customize a high-performer benchmark for the sales advisor role

3. Evaluate new hires after 12 months to ensure the benchmark recommendations are accurate


93 of recommended hires met or exceeded expectations

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Sales and financial services advisors play a critical role, and SuccessFinder has given us a tried-and-tested way to predict who the high performers will be in these fields. It’s having a material impact on our bottom line.

Martin Robert
Senior Director, HR Partner & External Communication
Beneva Insurance


Hiring bias is now a thing of the past at NB Power thanks to data-driven recruitment


Establish more systematic processes for recruitment and succession management in order to quickly fill senior-level roles that had become vacant due to retirement as well as key positions with the unique requirements of a high-security nuclear facility.

  1. Quickly hire for key open positions, especially at the senior level
  2. Reduce bias in hiring decisions to decrease employee turnover
  3. Predict hiring success for specific roles


1. For internal job postings, measure candidates who meet the minimum requirements against behavioral traits specific to the job in order to predict role fit


2. For external hires, assess shortlisted candidates using the SuccessFinder behavioral test in order to predict performance and retention


3. Use behavioral insights to support personal and team development, workforce planning, conflict resolution, as well as employee wellness and accommodation


87 reduction in turnover for specific job categories

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“We’ve used SuccessFinder for over a decade to make talent decisions. I can’t imagine running my organization without it. It gives key insights into the natural behavior of people and helps them see the kind of work they will thrive in. I believe it has materially impacted our business. I’m a big fan.”

Gaetan Thomas
NB Power


Supporting multiple verticals of talent strategy at McKesson


Reinforce the company’s leadership framework and talent management processes to support its continued expansion in a highly regulated market.

  1. Attract and onboard new hires at a fast pace
  2. Advance an organizational model to support the business strategy
  3. Accelerate development and promotions to sustain growth


1. Assess the career fit of both internal and external candidates for senior-level positions


2. Assess and connect behaviors of new hires and their managers to maximize team building


3. Use insights to create personalized onboarding plans for new hires and a new development program for emerging leaders


27 of participants in a pilot project for women in senior-level positions were promoted or had their roles expanded within the first 100 days

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“There is something magical about being able to apply science to bring insight and objectivity to a career conversation. With SuccessFinder assessment results, we can challenge, reaffirm or even make new connections for people and roles.”

Geneviève Fortier
SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs
McKesson Canada


Using behavioral data to identify, hire and develop employees at Morrison Hershfield


Enhance talent management decisions to nurture a team of technical professionals who can drive the organizational improvements required to advance the company’s business strategy.

  1. Extend the company’s talent management strategy to include a behavioral dimension
  2. Develop a workforce that will drive Morrison Hershfield’s organizational transformation
  3. Improve recruitment and development decisions, especially for key business roles like Project Manager


1. Establish a behavioral profile of the staff and measure it against 500 benchmark profiles of high performers


2. Create a training and development plan based on the behavioral traits that are key to the business


3. Use recommended high-performer benchmarks for the recruitment and development of key roles like Project Managers


80 validity in behavioral decision-making

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“SuccessFinder provided our managers with specifics to use in managing and developing staff. The clarity of each element in the tool has proven to be extremely valuable and has supported managers having conversations that are context-specific and focused on the behaviors important to individual roles.”

Pelly Shafto
Vice President, Human Resources
Morrison Hershfield