SuccessFinder launches all-in-one solution for comprehensive talent management

Montreal - 2021 | 09 | 14

We are proud to announce the launch of SFPI (SuccessFinder Profile Insights): a customizable all-in-one solution that uses behavioral analysis to help businesses develop their workforce at every stage of their career.

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a 20-year high of 4 million resignations this April alone, many employers are looking for ways to improve their talent management in order to stave off the “Great Resignation”. Pre-employment assessments have become a popular tool to support recruitment decisions. However, more and more businesses are finding that they require more flexibility and concrete guidance to support their employees throughout their development.


To that end, SuccessFinder has developed SFPI, which helps organizations leverage our behavioral insights to enhance every facet of their talent management, from recruitment and onboarding to leadership development. Designed to encourage and support personal growth, the self-serve suite provides access to a range of solutions for predictive behavioral analysis, including:


  1. Summary of Profile Insights, which offers a global view of an individual’s behavioral profile and highlights key insights
  2. Talent Profile, which provides an in-depth look at an individual’s competencies, complete with trait combinations
  3. Ladder of Leadership, which helps identify and develop potential leaders for succession planning and executive transitions
  4. Role Fit, which uses customizable behavioral benchmarks to predict both success and satisfaction in any given role
  5. Take Action, which provides detailed guidance to create a focused action plan for talent development

“We conducted different surveys and interviews to capture the most pressing needs of organizations (including HR professionals, coaches and consultants, as well as managers) as they relate to talent management. We got a real sense that what they were seeking was to have the most context-relevant and actionable insights, including the flexibility to tailor SuccessFinder’s insights to different applications and situations,” explains Carolyn Hass, PhD, Vice President of Product and R&D at SuccessFinder. “Our goal was to build a comprehensive solution that maximizes flexibility for different stakeholders and supports professional and leadership development at every level of the organization.”


Click here to get a demo of SFPI.