Transforming real estate through talent development


Canderel was looking for a leadership assessment tool that could help identify and develop its employees’ leadership skills.

The company also wanted to use the assessment to make informed recruitment and promotion decisions.


Canderel has chosen SuccessFinder as its leadership assessment tool, renowned for its accuracy and ability to provide detailed information on leadership skills and behavioral styles. The SuccessFinder assessment provides detailed information on leadership strengths, development areas and behavioral preferences. This enables participants to set data-driven development goals.


Better-quality decisions about recruitment and promotion.

The identification and development of future leaders.

The creation of a more solid talent pool.

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“SuccessFinder is an invaluable tool for our leadership assessment and talent development process. We use SuccessFinder primarily to accelerate the development of our high-potential employees and future leaders. We also use it to make decisions about recruitment and promotion. We particularly appreciate the simplicity of the tool and the detailed reporting it provides. We increased confidence in our talent decisions.”

Sarah Fortin
SVP, Talent, Culture & Innovation