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Promote leaders within your company based on potential and predictable success rates

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Uncover leaders within your existing workforce based on a research-backed competency framework

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Discover current competency gaps in your leadership team for more insightful succession planning

What our customers are saying

SuccessFinder is easy to use and see, very fast, the link between who you have in front of you and their potential to successfully occupy a new role.

Genevieve Fortier

Genevieve Fortier

Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs, McKesson

Now CEO, Promutuel Assurance

I would not hire at the manager and above level without it.

Daryl Wilson

Daryl Wilson

President and CEO


There is something magical about being able to apply science to bring insight and objectivity to a career conversation.

Genevieve Fortier

Genevieve Fortier

Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs


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