Future-proof your organization by managing and developing your talent with a data-driven approach.

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Build a talent management strategy that impacts the entire employee journey.

Retain top talent
Boost employee engagement
Enhance team effectiveness & cohesiveness
Improve leaders & employees performance

Revolutionize how you manage talent with powerful predictive insights.

Drive self-awareness

Empower your employees and leaders by bringing self-awareness to their behavioral preferences and help them maximize their full potential. Individuals can access their results on the SuccessFinder participant platform, at any time and on any device, to review their profiles and focus on personal growth opportunities.

Uncover high potentials

Capitalize on a complete view of all your talent pool to objectively identify employees with high potential within your organization. SuccessFinder’s single assessment captures over 100 data points to decode the behavioral preferences and career interests of individuals. These profiles are then compared against job and leadership performance models to predict potential of success and satisfaction at work.

Establish HiPo programs

Create a personalized experience for your high potentials to engage them and accelerate their growth. Build development plans based on insights derived from their natural skills and areas of improvement related to their job or leadership level. With the help of SuccessFinder’s extensive insights, forge adapted career paths with the aim of preparing them for key roles and responsibilities within the organization, regardless of whether these roles are leadership-oriented or not.

Develop and nurture leaders

Encourage professional growth accountability by providing leaders with personalized developmental insights and practical coaching tips via the SuccessFinder platform. When needed, offer a high touch coaching experience to your executives by leveraging our network of partners (HR consultants and coaches) and tap into their expertise – all while maintaining a seamless experience for your employees and keeping a common language derived from SuccessFinder insights.

Support professional mobility

Heighten the visibility you have on your workforce and reveal opportunities to upskill or reskill your workforce to future proof your organization. Better address your employees' needs to evolve and grow by offering opportunities for lateral and vertical mobility to not only retain your top talent, but to also overcome the scarcity of talent.

Build succession plans

Develop succession plans for key positions and leadership roles and select successors who are most likely to flourish. With SuccessFinder, you can identify potential at four corporate leadership levels (Team Lead, Manager/Director, VP and C-suite) and use the depth of insights provided to accelerate leadership development on specific competencies.

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