The right data to develop and retain

Insights that put employees on the path to success.

Professional development and career management can be tricky to-do list items. SuccessFinder empowers you for action with key objective people data.

More talent retention

Clear and customized development plans increase employee engagement.

Enhanced visibility

Insights that allow you to clearly identify strengths and blind spots.

Strong managers

Help managers both support their team and develop their leadership competencies.

Enable managers and their team with the right tools

Do your managers and employees have access to personalized and objective data about their key competencies and area of development? With SuccessFinder Profile insights, they will.

Better leadership begins with our competency framework

Do you have research-based competency insights to enable the success of your leadership team and support them through transitions? With Ladder of Leadership, you will.

What our customers are saying

SuccessFinder gives us an extremely powerful way to understand and harness both the power and passion of the people within the organizations we help.

Paul Frederick

Paul Frederick


Frederick & Associates

With SuccessFinder we now have an enhanced view of the internal candidate, with regard to their potential for success in a specific role and team. This is a leap forward tool we’ve been able to apply with confidence.

Genevieve Fortier

Genevieve Fortier

Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs


We’ve used SuccessFinder for over a decade to make talent decisions. I can’t imagine running my organization without it.

Gaetan Thomas

Gaetan Thomas

Formerly CEO

New-Brunswick Power

I’m a big fan of SuccessFinder! SuccessFinder doesn’t put anybody in a box, it doesn't assign anyone a color. Each profile is uniquely different. That's particularly powerful, especially when there's so much emphasis, and rightly so, on diversity and inclusion. While it's very rich and complex, the insights that you get from it are quite targeted and relevant.

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson

Director, Talent Development

Canopy Growth Corporation

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Save time, money, and the agony of high turnover by leveraging the most precise, accurate and predictive behavioral data from day one.

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