You have a plan, we have a platform.

Our easy-to-use web platform provides data-driven insights to back your hiring and talent management decisions.

Back your HR decisions with 50 years of I/O psychology research

Rely on a psychometric assessment combined with a powerful people analytics platform to accurately predict job performance and success.


You don’t have to be a data scientist to leverage powerful people data.

Effortless integration

Compatible with most major HRMs, so it doesn't disturb your daily workflow.

Secured data

SOC 2 accreditation to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.

Less instinct. More insight.

1 single assessment

Composed of 340 forced-choice questions to be done in 45 minutes on any device

85 behavioral traits

analyzed to identify the respondent’s personality, highlight strengths and points of development and leading to a framework of 26 behavioral competencies.

35 career interests

measured to display natural preferences

Millions of unique combinations

because each person is unique

Identify the right
candidate for the position

Coach them to
become even better

address candidates’ potential blind spots and develop their strengths

Tips on how to improve competitiveness

  • When you feel pressured under competitive situations, run a “mental video” of positive images. Visualize the times you’ve faced challenges in the past and came out on top.
  • Take stock of your competitive abilities and qualities. Compare yourself to competitive individuals you admire and respect. List the things you could do to develop similar traits.
  • When you do compete, ensure you don’t sacrifice what is right to gain a competitive advantage.

How does it work ?

  1. It all begins with a single psychometric assessment.
  2. Qualify candidates based on unique KPIs.
  3. View results and select candidate in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  4. Streamline next-steps like interviews or onboarding with a clear candidate report.

The impossible-to-cheat test

45-minutes, 340 forced-choice questions

Candidates or employees are given our mobile-friendly test. Each time a choice is made, the platform records a natural behavioral preference.

Relevant and actionable results

Assess in seconds what would normally take months to observe

Drill down into an individual’s behavioral profile and use our predetermined or custom benchmarks to compare individuals and find the right fit.

Long-term empowered decisions

Reusable results

Make data-driven decisions at every stage of the employee journey. Revisit the same data from the hiring stage to succession planning and everything in between.

The goods, at a glance

A test you can rely on

Count on a psychometric test that achieves an industry-leading 85% predictive validity.

Rock-solid benchmarks

Forget bias. Make decisions using valid and science-backed data.

Powerful platform

Drill down into an individual profile or find organizational trends with people analytics.

Hire with greater confidence

Data-driven talent development

They chose SuccessFinder and they saw results

Validity in behavioral decision-making has moved from 30% to over 80% with SuccessFinder.

Pelly Shafto

Pelly Shafto

VP HR & Organizational Development

Morrison Hershfield

After 1 year, 93% of the new hires predicted by SuccessFinder to be successful either met or exceeded job performance expectations.

Martin Robert

Martin Robert

VP Talent Development, Culture and Communications


I always recommend SuccessFinder as the best career assessment tool that I have seen.

Laurie Tugman

Chairman of the Board

Nexterra Systems Corp.

SuccessFinder gives us an extremely powerful way to understand and harness both the power and passion of the people within the organizations we help.

Paul Frederick


Frederick & Associates

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