Fostering success by investing in people


As an organization undergoing significant growth, Aviso provided its employees with an outstanding value proposition and reinforced its comprehensive development strategy through the following goals:

  1. Foster the growth of individuals aspiring to take on larger roles as well as maximize efforts within their current responsibilities.
  2. Create effective career development pathways to enhance employee engagement and retention.
  3. Get input to succession planning strategy to support business continuity and unlock the full potential of every individual involved.


1. In-depth behavioral insights to support Aviso’s tailored leadership development offerings that integrated into their culture and a way to support leaders’ growth.

2. SuccessFinder’s Ladder of Leadership benchmark for additional data in the context of the scope of their role and level of

3. SuccessFinder’s talent analytics as additional input to guide their HR decisions for succession planning and team effectiveness.


leaders successfully assessed.

Aviso started offering SuccessFinder at Director level and up for top talent. Based on positive employee experience, increased retention and eNPS scores, it is now offered more broadly and embedded in Aviso’s career development offers and executive assessment practice.

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“SuccessFinder has become the bedrock for us—it’s not just a tool. It builds trust by delivering results and insights that truly resonate with each individual. You feel its impact in those ‘ah-ha’ moments, especially in leadership development.”

Sandra Murray-Leduc
Director Talent Management