Using behavioral data to identify, hire and develop employees at Morrison Hershfield


Enhance talent management decisions to nurture a team of technical professionals who can drive the organizational improvements required to advance the company’s business strategy.

  1. Extend the company’s talent management strategy to include a behavioral dimension
  2. Develop a workforce that will drive Morrison Hershfield’s organizational transformation
  3. Improve recruitment and development decisions, especially for key business roles like Project Manager


1. Establish a behavioral profile of the staff and measure it against 500 benchmark profiles of high performers


2. Create a training and development plan based on the behavioral traits that are key to the business


3. Use recommended high-performer benchmarks for the recruitment and development of key roles like Project Managers


80 validity in behavioral decision-making

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“SuccessFinder provided our managers with specifics to use in managing and developing staff. The clarity of each element in the tool has proven to be extremely valuable and has supported managers having conversations that are context-specific and focused on the behaviors important to individual roles.”

Pelly Shafto
Vice President, Human Resources
Morrison Hershfield