Less instinct. More insight.

Put an end to HR guesswork

Enjoy the benefits of  behavioral data

SuccessFinder decodes what’s difficult to observe and transforms it into confident HR decision-making from hiring to succession planning. Enjoy a holistic view of an employee’s strengths and areas of development.  Help managers better understand their team members with objective data. And, give yourself more time to work on the bigger picture.


Provides data-driven insights that lead to clear decisions


Limits costs related to poor hires, lost productivity, and turnover


Increases retention rate due to right person-to-position fit


Significantly increases productivity now and in the future

Groom talent

Generates a talent pipeline based on objective and quantitative data


Aligns competency development with business goals

Hire right with relevant data

Save time, money, and the agony of high turnover

Leverage the most precise, accurate and predictive behavioral data from day one.

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Data-driven talent development

Drive organizational development

Demystify employee strengths and blind spots to support your company’s growth.

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40 years of research to decode what drives success and performance at work

Each person is unique, and our behavioral assessment platform was designed to reflect this fact.

Our goal is to broaden perspectives and relentlessly unlock potential within individuals and companies so that they can thrive.

What our customers are saying

" SuccessFinder gives key insights into the natural behavior of people and helps them see the kind of work they will thrive in. "

Gaetan Thomas

CEO - New-Brunswick Power

" We reviewed some 40 tools that are in the marketplace and what really distinguished SuccessFinder from the competition is the definition around the traits is very specific. "

Pelly Shafto

VP HR & Organizational Development - Morrison Hershfield

" I believe SuccessFinder has materially impacted our business. I’m a big fan. "

Gaetan Thomas

CEO - New-Brunswick Power

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