SuccessFinder announces partnership with CPHR Alberta

Montreal - 2021 | 11 | 26

MONTREAL, Quebec – SuccessFinder is thrilled to announce their partnership with CPHR Alberta. Dedicated to strengthening the human resources profession, as well as upholding the highest standards of practice, CPHR Alberta’s primary vision is to be able to build strong organizations through people. They proudly protect the best interest of the public by focusing on continuous education, regulatory competency, and ethical standards. Passionate about unlocking people potential, SuccessFinder is excited to be able to provide CPHR Alberta with the appropriate resources and guidance to make this promising vision a constant reality.

“We know time is valuable and decoding difficult to observe behaviors can be time-consuming in order to make confident, fact-based decisions. SuccessFinder’s system uses a holistic view of an employee’s strengths and areas of development. Their platform helps managers better understand their team members with objective data and gives you more time to work on the bigger picture. Given current challenges, our members will see great value in a tool such as SuccessFinder.” – Rod Miller, President and CEO of CPHR Alberta.

Through this partnership, SucessFinder is proud to give CPHR Alberta members preferred pricing on our business products and services, as well as the chance to join the Early Adopters Program for coaches. Members will also have the opportunity to attend a series of professional development events co-hosted by CPHR Alberta and SuccessFinder throughout 2022.

“We are thrilled to partner with CPHR Alberta to share our passion for unlocking people potential using in-depth and unbiased behavioral data. We look forward to delivering content tailored to HR professionals as well as special member-only perks. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and reach out with any questions.” – Amanda Fleising, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, SuccessFinder.

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