Talent Development Gets a Boost in Quebec with SuccessFinder and Alia Consulting Partnership

Montreal - 2023 | 09 | 19

SuccessFinder, the leader in predictive behavioral talent assessment for the workplace, today announced a partnership agreement with Alia Consulting, a key player in the field of consulting expertise in leadership development and strategy, maintenance, development and transfer of skills, and organizational health and workplace wellness.

In today’s dynamic business environment, nurturing and developing talent and strong leaders is paramount to success. Companies understand the need to invest in their employees’ growth and skill development. SuccessFinder and Alia Consulting have partnered to take their development mandates to the next level. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, this collaboration promises to bring transformative changes to the way talent development initiatives are conducted in the province of Quebec.

Combining SuccessFinder’s innovative behavioral assessment, backed by over 50 years of research and millions of data points, with Alia Consulting’s talent development expertise offers enhanced value for customers. SuccessFinder’s assessment provides invaluable insights into an individual’s preferences and natural strengths, allowing to tailor the development plan to match the unique characteristics of each participant and the company’s culture. This personalized approach ensures more effective skill development and career progression. It also enables data-driven decisions to fine-tune programs for maximum impact. Moreover, fostering deeper self-understanding enhances engagement and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement.

" We believe that combining SuccessFinder’s comprehensive behavioural insights with Alia Consulting’s talent development proficiency will create a powerful synergy and provide Quebec-based organizations with more choices for their talent development programs. "

Charles Guay

President & Chief Operating Officer, SuccessFinder

" Our partnership with SuccessFinder reinforces our commitment to providing the best-in-class development programs. The integration of behavioral assessment into our offerings will undoubtedly enhance the growth and success of our clients. "

Catherine Privé, MPA, CRHP

President and Chief Executive Officer, Alia Consulting

Quebecers can look forward to a new era of development programs that are more effective, efficient, and tailored to individual and organizational needs, thanks to this strategic partnership between SuccessFinder and Alia Consulting.

About SuccessFinder

SuccessFinder is an HR tech company specializing in behavioral assessment and analytics for talent selection, development and management for critical roles, high-potential individuals, and leaders. With its unrivaled psychometric assessment as the core of its science-based approach, it delivers in-depth analytics in an easy-to-use platform for confident talent management decisions and development opportunities.

SuccessFinder drives proven results at hundreds of major organizations worldwide including CAE, Desjardins, Magna International, iA Financial Group, Novacap, McKesson/Rexall, and multiple large financial institutions and global manufacturers.

About Alia Consulting

Leader in organizational development in Quebec for 30 years, with extensive expertise in leadership development and strategy, skills maintenance, development and transfer as well as psychological health and well-being at work. Allies of choice, Alia Consulting creates conditions for performance in organizations through the deployment of their talents.

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President and Chief Executive Officer
Alia Consulting