We're now members of the RFSPI

2020 | 07 | 28

As a Québec-owned professional services firm, we want to play an active role in crafting tomorrow's workplace.

In the context of the health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, we decided to join the Group of Independent Professional Services Firms (RFSPI). In total, over 225 Quebec-owned professional services firms are coming together to actively contribute to Quebec’s economic recovery.

As a growing SME, this crisis has changed our priorities, as well as those of our customers. Professional services firms like ours are an integral part of the Quebec economy, which is why we want to reflect on the first steps towards recovery and be at the heart of the solution. I believe that the RFSPI will play a crucial role in the coming months, especially to promote local purchasing.

Charles Guay

President and COO of SuccessFinder

In addition to working with policymakers, the RFSPI has also launched firmesindependantes.coma B2B service portal that serves to boost the recovery of the Quebec economy, while promoting and valuing entrepreneurship in the professional services sector in Quebec.

Written by
Amanda Fleising in collaboration with Marelle communication

The Group of Independent Professional Service Firms (RFSPI) aims at playing a leading role in Québec's economic relaunch by unifying the voice of Québec owned and operated professional services industry. This association regroups over 225 independent professional services firms in diverse fields of expertise like accounting, human resources, and technology.