SuccessFinder appoints talent management expert Jocelyn Bérard as partner and Executive Consultant

Montreal - 2022 | 04 | 04
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SuccessFinder today announced that Jocelyn Bérard will be joining the team as an Executive Consultant, in addition to his current involvement as a partner. Jocelyn is a leadership and talent management expert who delivers high-energy presentations and implements high-impact solutions.

“We are privileged to have Jocelyn Bérard join us,” says Ronald Dahms, Chairman, and CEO of SuccessFinder. “With his background in the field of Leadership, Assessment, and Development, Jocelyn will play a key role in leading firms across the globe to optimize and maximize their use of the SuccessFinder tool, creating value for all involved stakeholders.”

Jocelyn will be involved in two important areas: consulting with clients and business development. In addition, he will provide internal support for thought leadership and research development projects.

By helping firms maximize the use of data in the areas of selection, succession management, leadership development, and team effectiveness, Jocelyn will have a positive impact on organizations’ performance and success, as well as encourage an outstanding company culture that puts employees and their experience at the forefront.

He will also be supporting SuccessFinder clients during the SuccessFinder Expert-Level Certification by coaching them through different functions, like interpreting traits and competencies, facilitating effective feedback discussions, decision-making with the provided data, and much more.

“As a long-time partner in the firm, I’m thrilled to embark on this new chapter, involving myself more thoroughly in helping clients maximize the full potential of their SuccessFinder use,” shared Jocelyn. “I’m passionate about empowering clients to fully leverage their SuccessFinder data, and this should be within all talent management practices.”

Jocelyn Bérard has a unique combination of experience in global leadership at the executive level, ownership, consulting with top leaders, and delivering speaking engagements internationally. He has developed extensive Canadian and international experience in Human Resources and business management across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia, in several industries like healthcare, government, telecommunications, auto manufacturing, retail, aerospace, and banking. He also has over 20 years of volunteer experience with school boards in Canada, where he has helped to increase parental involvement and economic impact. Jocelyn holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Human Resources, a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and an Executive MBA.

About SuccessFinder

SuccessFinder is a Montreal-based technology company specializing in human resources. With its unrivaled behavioral assessment and powerful cloud-based platform, it delivers both the technology and analytics for confident predictive hiring and talent management decisions. SuccessFinder is leveraged by more than 610 organizations, including McKesson, Beneva, Industrial Alliance, and CAE.

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Written by
Galina Gharibian