SuccessFinder celebrates 50 years of scientific research

Montreal - 2022 | 11 | 07

SuccessFinder, a leader in providing HR practitioners and talent management experts with solutions to retain talent and enhance the employee experience, announced today that they have reached 50 years of scientific and psychometric research. This achievement emphasizes SuccessFinder’s key role in the HR technology industry. 

This significant milestone will be marked by the release of informative content from SuccessFinder’s thought leaders to educate and enlighten talent management experts in the industry who are looking for platforms to support talent decisions throughout the entire employee journey.  

“We are thrilled that we’ve reached this milestone at SuccessFinder”, says Ronald Dahms, Chief Executive Officer at SuccessFinder. “We’re thankful to the fundamental work of Dr. Cash, which has allowed us to modernize capturing people’s complexities and helping experts in the HR field give employees the best possible career experience, especially in times of fast-paced change, like that of today.” 

SuccessFinder has officially been involved in the HR tech world since 2017. It is widely known for such products as Performance Predictor, Culture Impact, and SuccessFinder Profile Insights (SFPI).   

 From a research perspective, SuccessFinder’s discoveries have grown in a variety of ways over the last 50 years. “I think we’ll see the assessment change and continue to evolve with how the world of work is evolving”, explains Carolyn Hass, PhD, VP, Product and R&D at SuccessFinder. “Already, there’s such a shift in leadership behaviors, the role of teams, [and] the role of technology in jobs. How [these are] going to continue to change and affect how we provide insights on these aspects is going to be really interesting.” 

SuccessFinder’s objective is to continue to provide data-backed strategic talent insights to HR and talent management experts in various industries. Alongside the company’s 50 years of research, the tech start-up has an impressive 0% client churn, is available in 7 different languages, and is trusted globally by renowned firms.  

About SuccessFinder

SuccessFinder, a Canadian technology company, empowers organizations with strategic talent data and insights, reusable throughout the employee journey. With an integrated platform built on sophisticated algorithms powered by its behavioral assessment, the company provides both the technology and predictive analytics to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. SuccessFinder is proven at more than 610 major organizations including Beneva, Gallagher, Industrial Alliance, and CAE. 

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Written by
Galina Gharibian