Predicting top sales representative success at Beneva


Streamline hiring processes to reduce time to hire, cost, and employee turnover, particularly for the sales advisor positions, which generate as many as 40,000 applications every year.

  1. Improve hiring process
  2. Hire more top performers
  3. Improve retention rate


1. Collect a large behavioral data set from high, mid, and low performers

2. Use the resulting profile to customize a high-performer benchmark for the sales advisor role

3. Evaluate new hires after 12 months to ensure the benchmark recommendations are accurate


93 of recommended hires met or exceeded expectations

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“Sales and financial services advisors play a critical role, and SuccessFinder has given us a tried-and-tested way to predict who the high performers will be in these fields. It’s having a material impact on our bottom line.”

Martin Robert
VP Talent Development,
Culture and Communications