Sky’s the limit for leadership excellence at CAE


CAE’s primary objective was to foster leadership excellence within the organization.

  1. Consistent expectations for leadership behaviors and alignment across internal programs
  2. A common framework for recruiting, onboarding, promoting, evaluating, and developing leaders


1. SuccessFinder Profile Insights (SFPI) report to increase leaders’ self-awareness and foster self-development

2. Performance Predictor report to create custom benchmarks for talent analytics and development

3. Immersive live group coaching sessions to maximize the value leaders derived from their custom reports


98 of leaders satisfied with their experience

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“CAE is committed to investing in and supporting our people leaders’ growth and development. We successfully deployed the SuccessFinder assessment to all our leaders globally to support their development and inspire them to reach their full potential. We recently introduced our custom Leadership Pillars, which are the guiding principles for CAE’s leaders, to empower them to excel every day.”

Dan Sharkey
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources