Performance is predictable

Use behavioral data to predict success in any role


increased productivity


streamlined time to hire


decreased turnover

What our customers are saying

After 1 year, 93% of the new hires predicted by SuccessFinder to be successful either met or exceeded job performance expectations.

Martin Robert

Martin Robert

VP Talent Development, Culture and Communications


SuccessFinder offers an objective lens; the competency profiles coupled with position benchmarks are very powerful.

Daryl Wilson

Daryl Wilson

President and CEO


The profiles that SuccessFinder has developed describe exactly what I’ve been trying to pinpoint for the last 20 years.

Johnny Roy

Johnny Roy

VP Sales

iA Financial Group

Validity in behavioral decision-making has moved from 30% to over 80% with SuccessFinder.

Pelly Shafto

Pelly Shafto

VP HR & Organizational Development

Morrison Hershfield

I believe SuccessFinder has materially impacted our business. I’m a big fan.

Gaetan Thomas

Gaetan Thomas

Formerly CEO

New-Brunswick Power

How does it work?

Our unique scientific methodology measures medium and top performers to reveal what sets top performers apart.

split bar graph showing a few traits that are key to performance
SuccessFinder dashboard to measure how candidates rank compared to a top-performer profile
SuccessFinder report for onboarding including areas to develop and coaching tips

How will predictive hiring improve the way you hire?

We designed our predictive hiring suite as a candidate performance crystal ball for recruiters. Performance is measurable and predictable, so this data should be used to optimize every hiring decision.

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Science-backed benchmarks give an objective approach to recruitment.

Quality of hires

Clear identification of the specific behaviors that drive performance.

Save time

Easily assess in minutes what would normally take months.