Predictive hiring with hyper-relevant data

Future-proof your hiring decisions.

Wondering how a resume or interview will translate into real, on-the-job performance? Answer this question with confidence using hyper-relevant predictive behavioral data. 

Pick confidently

Choose the right candidate based on your experience, and backed by data.

Remove bias

No more unintentional subjectivity. Just a powerful, data-driven vision for every candidate.

Add efficiency

Future-proof your hiring process with increased productivity and reduced turnover.

Reveal key behaviors that keep performance high

Will your recommended candidate meet the KPIs for their future role? Remove all doubt with our predictive hiring solutions.

Make the onboarding of new employees fit with the culture of your enterprise

Do you know what are the specifics of your organizational culture? How do you keep that balance between culture and diversity? Our Culture Impact solution knows how.

What our customers are saying

After 1 year, 93% of the new hires predicted by SuccessFinder to be successful either met or exceeded job performance expectations.

Martin Robert

Martin Robert

VP Talent Development, Culture and Communications

SSQ Financial Group

I would not hire at the manager and above level without it.

Daryl Wilson

Daryl Wilson

President and CEO


Validity in behavioral decision-making has moved from 30% to over 80% with SuccessFinder.

Pelly Shafto

Pelly Shafto

VP HR & Organizational Development

Morrison Hershfield

After seeing the level of accuracy and completeness of SuccessFinder, I truly believed that we could uncover the recipe for success that characterizes our top performers. And that was the case.

Johnny Roy

Johnny Roy

VP Sales

iA Financial Group

SuccessFinder solutions give us a real advantage in recruiting executives. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to learn so much about the person in front of us, as it changes the discussion and people are more open and more authentic during the process.

Etienne Céré

Etienne Céré

Vice-Président, Services Juridiques et Ressources Humaines

GDI Integrated Facility Services

A great hire is only the beginning

The clarity from a single test can set the course for a successful career strategy and propel growth throughout the entire employee journey.

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Our powerful platform at your fingertips

You don’t have to be a data scientist to deliver game-changing impact. You can now have access to the most relevant people data, precisely when you need it most.

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