Tools to make your talent thrive

Give employees the best chance for success

Employee experience

Managers can use data on employee behavioral styles and develop a common language for one-on-ones and performance meetings

Professional development

Use the detailed competency profile to strategically plan professional development initiatives

Increased productivity

Knowing how a new employee will complement their team, managers can optimize alignment and increase productivity

What our customers are saying

I believe SuccessFinder has materially impacted our business. I’m a big fan.

Gaetan Thomas

Formerly CEO

New-Brunswick Power

SuccessFinder offers an objective lens; the competency profiles coupled with position benchmarks are very powerful.

Daryl Wilson

President and CEO


With SuccessFinder we now have an enhanced view of the internal candidate, with regard to their potential for success in a specific role and team. This is a leap forward tool we’ve been able to apply with confidence.

Genevieve Fortier

Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs


SuccessFinder gives key insights into the natural behavior of people and helps them see the kind of work they will thrive in.

Gaetan Thomas

Formerly CEO

New-Brunswick Power

Why use SFPI?

Paint a picture of new employees even before they step into a role. Managers will refer to our in-depth competency data throughout the employee lifecycle.

Set them up for success

We understand what makes someone successful in a role, but we know that a perfect match doesn't exist. This is why we give you the right insights to support professional growth.

In-depth reports

Easily access, understand and apply expert coaching tips from workplace psychologists


Master the key competencies that lead to success at work with our CRHA approved training

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Take advantage of our certification program to master the behavioral science and confidently set employees up for success