Master SuccessFinder science

For who?

This training is intended primarily for HR professionals and managers in large companies, but organizational psychologists, executive coaches will also get a lot of value out of it.


For mastering the most in-depth behavioral assessment on the market and leverage data-driven insights and analytics for talent decision making.

What for?

To become the expert in behavioral science and master the most in-depth tool on the market, which will allow you to base your talent decisions on robust data and analysis.

Training cost

$9,000 per person

Register by

September 30 2022

Next virtual class

October 31 to November 4 2022, from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm

Learning objectives

Understand workplace psychometrics and its use

Get an in-depth understanding of the SuccessFinder science

Master the dynamics of behavioral traits for detailed profile analysis

Guide professionals in their career development efforts

Deliver debriefs with a higher level of nuance and depth

Add a data-driven approach to HR practices to optimize added value

3-phase training


Allows participants to absorb, at their own pace, the basic theoretical notions of behavioral science developed by the I/O psychologist team at SuccessFinder.

Teaching methods: theoretical notions and validation of acquired knowledge through a quiz at the end of each module.

Duration:  approx. 3 hours

Virtual training days (5)

Aims to prepare the participant to deliver debriefs with optimal impact by mastering all the elements of a SuccessFinder behavioral profile (traits, competencies, career interests, benchmarks).

Training methods: lecture, discussions between participants, examples to be completed on your own, then in small groups, on-going feedback from the coach.

Duration:  approx. 32 hours



Individual coaching sessions (6)

Support in the preparation, delivery and feedback of the first debriefs by a SuccessFinder coach. Advice on the relational approach to favor to ensure the desired impact.

Training methods: individual supervision on the analysis of six real-case profiles, feedback on performance.

Duration:  approx. 48 hours

When you’ve completed your expert training, you become Expert Level certified, which means:

  • Training credits from the CPHR AB
  • Recognition as an expert in SuccessFinder behavioral science
  • Badge to add to your email and digital media
  • Virtual and paper certification to display across various channels

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