Make every new hire feel at home

Leverage your company culture to hire right

Culture Fit is a science-backed product that identifies the key behaviors that best align with your company’s unique culture. Turn your company’s core values into actionable insights and meet your business objectives.

Increase revenue

Employees who click with company culture are 20 to 50% more productive

Boost satisfaction

Our clients increase their eNPS, because they understand exactly how new employees align with their team and company culture

Reduce turnover

Culture Fit reduces turnover by up to 50% by preventing the hiring of those who are not aligned

How does it work?

Your organizational culture is built on people’s beliefs, values and attitudes. Here’s how we decode your culture to make it a key part of your hiring strategy.

Graph to show match between a company's values and aspirations and employees' observed behaviors

Collect data

We begin by collecting employees’ behaviors along with data on your company’s values and aspirations.

SuccessFinder dashboard to measure how candidates fit with your organizational culture

Create a cultural benchmark

A cultural benchmark will pinpoint behaviors specific to your organizational culture. Each time you hire, you can cross-reference this benchmark.

SuccessFinder dashboard to understand cultural strengths and challenges of candidates

Quickly assess candidates

Use your new dashboard to quickly see how candidates compare to your benchmark and identify the unique contributions and potential challenges.

How will Culture Fit improve the way you hire?

When building an engaging corporate culture, we know that every hire counts. Make fast and informed decisions to preserve or influence your unique organizational culture.

Unique proven method

A blend of existing and aspirational culture that considers how your culture is perceived by leadership vs. lived by your employees

Science-backed data

Assessment data is continually examined for response-bias and to ensure fairness, reliability and validity

Interactive dashboard

See how an employee contributes to your organizational culture and their team subculture, and how this drives organizational performance

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