Expert-Level Certification

Master the science of SuccessFinder

Learn how to analyze and debrief individuals using the Expert-Level traits-based suite of SuccessFinder data.

What for?

To become the expert in behavioral science and master the most in-depth tool on the market, which will allow you to base your talent decisions on robust data and analysis.

For who?

This training is intended primarily for HR professionals and managers in large companies, but organizational psychologists and executive coaches will also get a lot of value out of it.


For mastering the most in-depth behavioral assessment on the market and leveraging data-driven insights and analytics for talent decision-making.

Certification details


Advanced-Level Certification & pre-class eLearning


$9000 per person


Virtual group + individual coaching sessions + exit exam


5-day live training

Next session

October 16 to 20, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm every day

We’ll let these professionals tell you about our impact

Since November [2021], I’ve completed the Expert Level Certification which honed my knowledge, skills, and abilities further with this data-driven and bias-free tool. This tool enabled me to deliver great insights to individuals to accelerate personal and professional growth.

Cynthia Jamieson

Cynthia Jamieson

Executive Coach

Cynthia Jamieson Executive Coaching

The profiles that SuccessFinder has developed describe exactly what I’ve been trying to pinpoint for the last 20 years.

Johnny Roy

Johnny Roy

VP Sales

iA Financial Group

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Learning objectives


Understand workplace psychometrics and its use


Get an in-depth understanding of the SuccessFinder science


Master the dynamics of behavioral traits for detailed profile analysis


Deliver debriefs with a higher level of nuance and depth


Add a data-driven approach to HR practices to maximize impact and added value

3-phase training

1. eLearning

Purpose: allows participants to absorb, at their own pace, the basic theoretical notions of behavioral science developed by the I/O psychologist team at SuccessFinder.

Teaching methods: theoretical notions and validation of acquired knowledge through a quiz at the end of each module.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

2. Five (5) virtual training days

Purpose: aims to prepare the participant to deliver debriefs with optimal impact by mastering all the elements of a SuccessFinder behavioral profile (traits, competencies, career interests, benchmarks).

Teaching methods: lecture, discussions between participants, examples to be completed on your own, then in small groups, ongoing feedback from the coach.

Duration: approximately 32 hours

3. Six (6) individual coaching sessions

Purpose: supports in the preparation, delivery, and feedback of the first debriefs by a SuccessFinder coach. Advice on the relational approach to favor to ensure the desired impact.

Teaching methods: individual supervision on the analysis of six real-case profiles, feedback on performance.

Duration: approximately 48 hours

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Individual coaching sessions

Refine your profile analysis and debrief skills while preparing for and delivering a live debrief alongside a SuccessFinder Master Coach. Available upon request.

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Validate your knowledge and continue developing as a practitioner through discussions with SuccessFinder experts and our global practitioner network on the LinkedIn community forum and during live workshop sessions.

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