SuccessFinder platform technical requirements

This page provides the technical requirements that should be observed by customers to ensure uninterrupted and error-free use of the SuccessFinder Assessment platform.


Accessing SuccessFinder

Participant application

Client Application

Supported mobile devices

SuccessFinder participant browser application only

Operating system and version requirements

Android 11.0 or later Google Chrome

IOS 14.0 or later Apple Safari

Supported browsers

Participant app

Chrome 86+, Edge 87+, Firefox 80+, Safari 14+

*Minimum screen resolution 1024×768

Client app

For optimal tested experience: Chrome 86+

*Minimum screen resolution 1366×768

Note: Only connections of TLS 1.2 or higher are accepted


The following domains and IP addresses must be whitelisted on your internal networks. This is especially true if you have a firewall and/or proxy server.


SuccessFinder cloud (1,2)

SuccessFinder application and Google Cloud Platform domains

Domain/IP to whitelist



Email communication (1,3)

Domain and IPs related to the email service leveraged by SuccessFinder

Domain/IP to whitelist:



1 Please whitelist all file resources (such as images, .js or .pdf files) and paths under these domains.

2 These should also be able to accept http request type such as a POST http request (including on sub-paths).

3 Please whitelist these IP addresses on your email server to ensure that emails are not blocked or redirect to user junk or spam folders.