Drive revenue growth by predicting future top performers at iA


Recruit and retain top talents to sustain strong revenue growth.

  1. Reduce turnover rate
  2. Sustain strong revenue growth


1. Craft a personalized performance profile using the behavioral traits shared exclusively by high performers within the iA team

2. Compare candidate profiles using the personalized performance profile to determine which ones have the potential to become high performers

3. Use this analysis to convince top candidates to join the team because they have what it takes to succeed


84 more life insurance sales

60 more saving and investments sales

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The profiles that SuccessFinder has developed describe exactly what I’ve been trying to pinpoint for the last 20 years; what kind of sales representatives should we hire? When I look at the profile and traits, it’s complete and relevant… and on top of that, SuccessFinder allows us to compare candidates with the profile we benchmarked.”

Johnny Roy
Vice President of Sales
Industrial Alliance