To win the war of talent, you hiring process needs to evolve

2020 | 08 | 12

Your hiring process can make or break a business. This is something all organizations inherently know, and yet, fail to fully comprehend. Most use an outdated process that has not been adapted to current trends in technology, use solely intuition as a basis for approving a candidate, or even fail to look at developing talent from within.

A recent survey by Peter Cappelli professor of management at the Wharton School in Philadelphia found that only a third of American companies review, monitor, and update their recruitment processes. Why? Because it is too difficult to measure.

So how can you fix your hiring process, bring it up to date, measure your progress, and be sure to find the right person for the right role?



Update the Hiring Process

Unlike other areas of business, recruitment has not evolved to the ever-changing demands of science and technology. The general process includes creating a job analysis, sorting through candidates, interviewing them, and then onboarding them with the hopes that they will deliver as much as promised during the interview. There is little to no technology or science used during these phases, which leaves room for intuitive and subjective decision-making.

To help remedy this problem, there are many pre-employment assessment tools available for hiring managers to choose from. Shockingly, statistics show that as few as 40% of employers use this option.  An effective, valid, and reliable hiring decisional aid to consider is the psychometric assessment. This kind of tool provides the hiring managers with valuable additional information, on top of the person’s experience and education. A behavioral psychometric assessment informs you on personality traits and preferred behaviors that the person will likely demonstrate at work, which predicts performance. This information brings a scientific aspect – a more rigorous approach if you will – to the sometimes quite unscientific process of recruitment.

Monitor, Measure and Improve the Hiring Process

When making any updates and improvements, an important step is to be able to track any changes to the hiring process to make sure they are having the impact desired. As previously mentioned, many organizations struggle with finding ways to effectively measure change.

What questions should be asked when determining if the new process leads to better hires? What should be looked at when measuring employee performance?  The good news is, with technological advancement, these questions can be more easily answered. With the help of data science, enough information can be gathered and analyzed to create algorithms that help determine the quality of incoming candidates and internal employee performance.


Get a unique edge with psychometric assessment

The ultimate solution to fix your hiring process is to combine data science, and any additional internal key performance indicators, with a psychometric assessment. This way you get information on the candidates, review how many have been assessed for which departments and determine the kind of candidates you attract. With this information, you can measure your output results and update your recruitment strategies accordingly.  Furthermore, data science makes it easier to monitor internal employee performance by assessing the attributes of the very best performers and comparing them to average and low performers. Now that you know what you are looking for in a top performer in your organization, you know what traits to look for when hiring a candidate.

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Written by
Anna Szymanowicz, updated by Stéphanie Pelland in August 2020