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SuccessFinder and the Science of Success – Best Fit Staffing

SuccessFinder’s behavioral assessment tool unlocks Behavioral DNA


Why Wait

Best fit employees can produce 4 times the productivity of average employees, and costs of replacing a bad hire are 6-9 months in salary, on average.

Best Fit for High Performers


Bain & Company, HBR research shows that top performers are roughly 4x as productive as average performers


Our research shows high performing leaders consistently demonstrate 2 key competencies: they thrive in chaos & are naturally decisive


High performers demonstrate a sustained passion and perseverance over long periods of time (grit)


Top performers know fear is the silent destroyer of dreams. They play offense and forge communities of courage


  • SuccessFinder used to recruit in the consumer health division of a 58B global pharma company
  • Based on SuccessFinder hiring recommendations, turnover was cut in half


  • 93% of sales advisors pinpointed by SuccessFinder as high performers met or exceeded performance expectations 1 year later
  • Company avoided over $150K in training and onboarding costs due to better hires with higher retention rates


  • For this large global retailer, SuccessFinder consistently pinpointed high performing store managers based on customized benchmark threshold(s)
  • Once hired, these performers generated an average of $15,000 more revenue per store per week ($375K/year)

Increase Your Hiring Effectiveness

  • Efficiently manage high application volumes
  • Draw key distinctions in close call candidates
  • Accurately identify top candidates
  • Predict success in the role by applying deep psychometric insights

Create Happy New Hires!

  • Decrease new role jitters
  • Provide a better onboarding experience, tailored on a unique behavioral profile
  • Provide common language for development between new hire and manager

Make Your CEO Happy

  • Create a high performance company
  • Put better-fit candidates into roles that drive company objectives
  • Improve operational performance company wide

Best Fit Staffing Webcast featuring Rexall:
Using Behavioral Science To Power Best-Fit Recruiting
Recorded  November 7, 2017

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