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SuccessFinder Certification

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This training is intended for HR professionals, business team leaders, managers and coaches or consultants.


Learn to analyze an individual’s behavioral profile using SuccessFinder’s competency model and deliver key insights in a live debrief setting.

This model applies to all stages of your HR or consulting processes. Coaching of employees and managers, succession planning, analysis of team synergies, operationalization of your organizational culture and acquisition of behavioral intelligence in your organization or practice.


$550 per person


Allows participants to absorb, at their own pace, the basic theoretical notions of behavioral science and the competency model developed by the I/O psychologist team at SuccessFinder. Teaching methods: the theory is well integrated with knowledge checks and real-life examples that deepen trainee understanding of the material and bring it to life


Approx. 8 to 10 hours

Learning objectives


Learn about psychometrics and SuccessFinder’s unique characteristics


Interpret behavioral data using SuccessFinder competencies and Profile Insights tools


Understand behavioral profiles in the context of different roles and organizational levels


Deliver the key behavioral insights from your analysis in a live debrief setting 


Add a data-driven approach to your behavioral coaching

5-module training

1- What is SuccessFinder

Learn about psychometric assessments and the science behind SuccessFinder

2- SuccessFinder competencies

Gain a clear understanding of the SuccessFinder 26-competency behavioral model as well as how they are derived from underlying traits

3- Predictive insights | Ladder of Leadership

Learn about the Ladder of Leadership research-based competency model and how to interpret individual’s profiles based on fit. Prepare delivery of nuanced and personalized feedback based on match with any or all levels of leadership

4- Predictive insights | Role fit

Learn how and when to use SuccessFinder’s role-specific benchmarks to provide contextual and predictive insights on an individual’s profile

5- Delivering a debrief on a participant's profile

Practice how to deliver a live debrief by applying what you have learned in different real-life debrief scenarios

When you’ve completed your competency training, you become SuccessFinder Certified, which means:

  • CRHA accredited training hours
  • Recognition as a SuccessFinder Certified Professional
  • Badge to add to your email and digital media
  • Certificate to display across various channels

Next steps

Coaching sessions

Learn to deliver a live debrief using SuccessFinder data and insights working 1-1 with a coach. Improve debrief preparation, delivery style and storytelling.

Advanced-Level Certification

Learn to identify and describe advanced competency-dynamics and trait nuances in an individual's profile. Adapt and deliver insights to fit different debrief scenarios and professional contexts. Monthly 3 to 4 hour virtual class.

Expert-Level Certification

Become an expert practitioner with the most in-depth trait-based knowlege and access to SuccessFinder raw behavioral data. Includes 4 days of virtual training + 6 individual coaching sessions

SuccessFinder Expert-Level Certification

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