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SuccessFinder was built on four decades of research and development. The distinctive predictive power of SuccessFinder compares to a full set of psychometric testing. Completing the SuccessFinder questionnaire is easy: the cloud-based test takes about an hour to complete. And it can’t be gamed: the 340 forced-choice questions mitigate the impact of social desirability. The user experience with results can range from a self-administered review to an in-depth consultation with our certified experts.

For administrators, the test can be analyzed for one person or hundreds. SuccessFinder captures, analyzes, and reports through an easy-to-use portal.


The SuccessFinder questionnaire is easy, it takes about an hour to complete.


We create precise results to capture the complexity of an individuals’ behavioral profile with comprehensive explanations.



Our expert models extract targeted behavior information and benchmark it against more than 500 career success profiles of high performers. The 40,000 individual database is continually being updated to ensure statistical validation.


Clear and comprehensive reporting that simplifies decision making.


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We have a number of partners who can help you understand and implement SuccessFinder in your organization. Or, if you are looking for individual coaching, we have a network of certified practitioners we can put you in touch with. Just let us know the kind of need you have and your location and we’ll help.

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