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Rexall Adds Science—and Success—to its Talent Management Programs with SuccessFinder


Is great Talent Management an art or a science?

The HR team at Rexall Pharmacy Group, Ltd. is finding that behavioral science is a game-changer for up-levelling their talent programs and counsel for their 8,600 person retail-based organization.

“Hiring is often done based on conversation and a gut feel,” says Frank Monteleone, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Rexall. “With SuccessFinder, we are adding science to our decision-making. Now, when we are on the fence about a candidate, we can pinpoint what that ‘feeling about a candidate that you couldn’t but into words’ was based on.

“Better yet, our managers really like having insight on new hires’ behaviors to get a better idea on how to manage the individual for success.”

In fact, SuccessFinder has not only helped with ensuring better hires across the 450 Rexall retail pharmacies, but it is leading to better promotions, and reducing turnover.

For example, Rexall is using it:

  • At the candidate level for best fit hiring
  • At the new hire level for onboarding and development
  • At the manager level for team analysis and alignment
  • And at the business level for assessing talent composition and leadership pipeline

“SuccessFinder has caught on like wildfire. People won’t make hiring decisions without the assessment in their hands,” adds Monteleone. “The information is relevant, accurate and meaningful: people are blown away by the amount of information they get back and how right it is.

“I believe, and always have, that behavior is the most important aspect of hiring. You can teach a skill, but you can’t teach the behavior about how to make the most of that skill. SuccessFinder brings behaviors to light and quantifies them for us against what is crucial to our organization.”

Want to learn more? Check out Rexall’s Case study here.





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