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McKesson Accelerates Business with the Science of SuccessFinder

Moving the right people into the right roles and at the right pace, involves challenging decision-making and a certain amount of risk.

As businesses ramp up their growth, roles are changing, new roles are emerging  and the pace of moving people them is accelerating too.

Genevieve Fortier, SuccessFinder customer and SVP of HR and Public Affairs at McKesson Canada is creating and driving initiatives there to keep in front of these changes.

“As we evolve from traditional hiring and succession patterns and take the risk to accelerate promotion, we initially had to make those moves without enough insight: only anecdotal experience with a given candidate. With SuccessFinder, we now have an enhanced view of the candidate, with regard to their potential for success in the specific role and team. This is a leap-forward tool we’ve been able to apply with confidence.”

In fact, Genevieve is tapping insight from SuccessFinder to meet a wide range of talent management needs at McKesson including:



-management team collaboration


-and a new initiative for women’s leadership development aimed at empowering more audacious engagement from emerging women leaders and also a “pay-it-forward” ethos to identify and bring along the next generation of women.

To learn more about McKesson’s story, leveraging the science and analytics of Behavioral DNA, check out the new McKesson case study.

If you have a great story on powering growth with better insight, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re Changing the Story About Women In Leadership: Helping Women Be Audacious

Lessons in female leadership

By Susan Van Klink


(Note: this is the 5th in blog series: “Lessons in Female Leadership” about perspectives in moving women from competence to confidence in business leadership roles.)


This month, I fulfilled a bucket list item. Our company hosted a Women’s Leadership retreat with a cohort of 20 wickedly smart and wonderful women who are rocking their careers. They came to learn more about themselves and where they might go next in their career, and they left enthused, not only for their own future, but to teach more to other women and help pull them up to their potential.

Over the three day event, we discussed the narrative that has been the unfortunate headline for women in business for decades: that while they are wholly competent to drive and lead businesses (often with better results), they are consistently less confident in their individual abilities to do so and / or their willingness to absorb the personal costs of success. We shared our own stories, both the egregious and the empowering, and the impacts that they had on our careers, plus our collective successes in beginning to move the needle. Some of those inspiring stories are already captured as guest blogs on our website and are definitely worth reading.

This event and the conversations we had inspired me. Women can change the story about how they lead and about how they shed the shackles of the “imposter” syndrome that has made us feel unworthy of roles that we are absolutely capable of owning!

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SuccessFinder Profiled in

Mitigating a Million Dollar Hiring Risk: How Behavioral Benchmarks Take the Danger Out of Hiring







Increasingly, more and more business, HR, and recruiting leaders are recognizing that it’s not just a candidate’s experience that matters. Making a great hire is about more than what someone has done; it’s about their behavior – how they have done things and how they will do things in the future.

Getting behavior wrong can be a huge risk, especially in high-visibility, high-impact roles in tightly regulated industries.

For example, in the nuclear energy sector, training costs alone for the role of shift supervisor can add up to seven figures over the course of a seven-year apprenticeship.

What follows is a miniature case study from the energy industry that illustrates how recruiters in any sector can minimize risk and predict success by better measuring and understanding a candidate’s behavior.

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Learn How to Develop Audacious Women Leaders

Companies with 15% or more women on their management teams, grow 50% faster, according to Credit Suisse.

Whether or not your leadership development plans specifically address the needs of women, it’s never too late to start or to learn new perspectives in delivering even better results.

Next week, we’re delighted to have our customer and friend, Genevieve Fortier, the SVP of Human Resources and Public Affairs at McKesson, Canada, share her story of accelerated development for women in her business. The results: more engaged, more innovative and more audacious leaders and contributors to the business.

The one hour interactive webinar, at 11 am EST on October 27th is part of’s virtual Leadership event, and will include insights on how to:

-Scope and nurture a women’s leadership program strategy

-Accelerate women’s promotability

-Use behavioral science for selecting and developing unique leaders

-Post early wins and audacious engagement

Want to learn more? Click HERE to Register

And, for more context on McKesson’s talent management story, click here to read their case study.

Want a Great Career? Build it in the Company of Smart, Kind People

Lessons in Female Leadership

By Mary Larson


Note: This is the third in a guest blogger series: “Lessons in Female Leadership” about perspectives in moving women from competence to confidence in business leadership roles.


Twenty-five years ago, I hit a fork in the road of my thriving career as the founder of a business consultancy. Problem is, I didn’t like either tine.

I had a choice: go global or become a guru. I was too young and too female to become a guru — and too pregnant to consider the personal cost and professional administrative drag of global expansion. So I sold my business.

Since then, my career has included high profile consulting and leadership roles at companies like A.T. Kearney, and The Office of the Future at McDonald’s, where I’ve provided strategic, brand, sales, marketing and organizational design counsel and analysis to some of the world’s leading businesses. I know my business. What I didn’t know well enough was myself.

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Women in Leadership: Take Risks and Play to Win

Lessons in Female Leadership

By Geneviève Fortier


Note: This is the second in a guest blogger series: “Lessons in Female Leadership” about perspectives in moving women from competence to confidence in business leadership roles.


I have an instinctive desire to win. Not winning at any price, but continuously pushing the envelope. I got my confidence from my mom. She taught me that nothing is impossible; we are only limited by our own choices.

I believe in, and choose, hard work. I also believe in continually evolving and renewing myself and what I think. No one owns the truth, so I always challenge my own thinking.

So, when I took my first SuccessFinder assessment, I was blown away by how accurate it was. And I was also empowered by it.

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Register for Webinar: Developing Audacious Women Leaders






Join us and for an Interactive Webinar:
Developing Audacious Women Leaders 



Genevieve Fortier
SVP HR and Public Affairs
McKesson, Canada

Tuesday September 27th at 11 am EST

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Can You Hear What You’re Telling Yourself About Your Career?

Lessons in Female Leadership

Guest blog by Carol Stein

Note: This is the first in a guest blogger series: “Lessons in Female Leadership” about perspectives in moving women from competence to confidence in business leadership roles.


From the time I was 10 years old, I dreamed of a career in medicine.

I thought that would mean becoming a physician, but the pre-med program I attended — heavily geared toward math— delivered me the first of many lessons in my own course correction. At the recommendation of my neurological psych professor, I pivoted to psychology for my graduate studies.

It was in these graduate classes where I began to have a sense of how leadership might fit into my career. I became aware of the possibilities of being a change agent – not only with individual clients, but also in and with the larger community.

Hard work, continuing education, goal setting and determination all are elements of leadership. They also put one on a solid track of empowerment – sometimes in new and different arenas.

Power can be a nice feeling at times, but valid only when backed up by ever-increasing self-awareness, competence and growth.

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Three Changes to Empower Silicon Valley’s Women in Leadership

I’ve been in the heart of Silicon Valley in marketing, sales and product leadership roles for two decades. During this time, I have had the good fortune to meet and be inspired by many talented women including (by way of WillowCreekGLS) Sheryl Sandberg. In her recent talk to this group, she reiterated the sad fact that women make up only 5% of CEO’s globally despite better than average performance demonstrated by women at the top.

A recent study showed the annualized return for female-led firms was 25%, compared with just 11% for the broader market. Yet, In the US we’ve reached an all-time high of Fortune 500 companies led by female CEOs – a grand total of 32. So what gives?

There are three (addressable) reasons women are so poorly represented at the top of the organizational pyramid:

  1. Political Will.
  2. Institutional Support.
  3. Confidence and a desire to Lean In to leadership roles.

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Excellence in Talent Management

Congratulations to our partner, Optimum Talent, for being recognized by the HR community and Canadian HR Reporter as one of Canada’s best talent management consulting companies.

Optimum Talent was a Readers’ Choice Award winner in an annual competition “designed to highlight extraordinary firms – the ones our readers think are the very best at what they do,” said Todd Humber, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Canadian HR Reporter. In 2017, more than 30,000 ballots were cast for Readers’ Choice designation across 51 different categories.

Optimum Talent drives excellence in executive development, team alignment, women in leadership and other core services using SuccessFinder.

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