Expert tips on how to overcome the top 3 HR challenges of 2020

2020 | 08 | 12

A recent survey from Villanova university shows that change management, leadership development, and measuring HR effectiveness are considered the top most important challenges to overcome in the coming years. We weren’t surprised, and my guess is that neither are you! In this article, experts, consultants and PhDs share their tips and science-backed advice on how to overcome these 3 top challenges.

Understand where the fear of change comes from so it’s better dealt with

Change management is the top challenge, and we can easily figure out why. I’m sure you’ve been challenged by an individual, a team or even a whole department who didn’t support change at least once in your career. It could (and maybe it did) make all your efforts go down the drain and caused a strong feeling of disengagement.

Change is usually unavoidable, so having everyone on-board is key.

Mylène Benoit, a consultant at SuccessFinder, shares with us that the fear of change and the fear of failure are very closely tied. Entrepreneurs have been sharing their stories about failure for years, but for most people, it remains taboo. When referring to failure in the workplace, it’s even worse.

Mylène mentions that although successful change management relies on multiple factors, organizations of all sizes would benefit from talking openly about the positive effects of failure (learning, a taste for innovative solutions, etc.). Letting our employees know that they can make mistakes, if they learn from them, is key.

From ok to great managers to increase employee retention

Organizations across the province of Quebec have been facing a severe labour shortage for years. A study about employee retention also recently demonstrated that employees who poorly evaluate their manager were 4x more likely to be on the lookout for a new job opportunity.

With this information in mind, what can be done to coach and develop stronger team leads who inspire their people?

Jessica Londei-Shortall, Assessment and Leadership Development Advisor at Optimum Talent, suggests that before promoting any employee into a supervisory position, some competencies need to be evaluated:

  1. The ability to lead with conviction. Are they comfortable making decisions despite adversity?
  2. The ability to foster consensus. Do they listen to employees and colleagues, and are they able to rally them in the implementation of a project or idea?

A good leader will have a balance between those two competencies. If one of the two is lacking, then expert coaching should be offered.

Using a data-driven method to get where we want

As HR professionals, we often develop a strong intuitive feeling — where we know in our gut which way to go. For some reason, however, our recommendations often go unnoticed. You’re not alone and the good news is that analytic tools are now more accessible than ever to back our recommendations with data. Here are a few examples:

HUMI a Canadian-based solution to efficiently manage: HR, payroll, and benefits

OfficeVibe a Montreal-based solution that measures engagement and provides surveys employees want to fill

SuccessFinder a Canadian-based solution that scientifically predicts and measures (i.e., bias-free, unlike this recommendation) employee satisfaction and success in the workplace

For Jean-Simon Leclerc, Ph.D., Senior Consultant and Team Lead at SuccessFinder, data-driven HR decisions aren’t new. What’s actually disrupting HR is the rapid democratization of powerful technology tools.

Getting passed these challenges

Constant evolution in the workplace brings about many challenges to HR professionals. Fortunately, these challenges are widespread and therefore have led to the creation of several creative solutions that we can test out and adopt. Change management means that we’re capable of talking about failure and adopting a growth mindset. By coaching and developing inspiring leaders, we give employees space to grow which motivates them to stay – all while driving our decision-making process with data. What mechanisms have been developed to address these challenges in your organization?

Written by
Stéphanie Pelland, Content Specialist

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