Our Mission:

Unlocking opportunities for people and organizations to achieve their full potential. Every time.

How We Do It:

We understand people like no one else and leverage relevant predictive analytics through an integrated platform, powered by sophisticated algorithms.

Our Science:

SuccessFinder was built on four decades of research and development. SuccessFinder’s cutting-edge technology predicts career satisfaction and success based on fundamental discriminating factors – behavioral propensities – rather than based on current knowledge, skills or abilities.

Behavioral propensities are the key differentiators in performance. High performers share a common subset of personality traits and competencies that they are naturally adept at using. The SuccessFinder assessment compares an individual’s profile with a statistically accurate, empirically developed “high-performer” profile crafted to predict success in a specific role.

How We Are Different:

At the core of SuccessFinder’s technology is the most comprehensive psychometric assessment on the market, which has an ever-increasing set of applications. It offers the highest-resolution, most specific and detailed breakdown of a person’s behavioral profile, producing the most accurate predictions of success.

The typical assessment measures 20 behavioral characteristics, which simply isn’t enough to capture the true complexity of what makes a person successful. This lower resolution creates a hazy picture which requires more interpretation and introduces greater biases, significantly lowering the overall accuracy of the results. Moreover, few alternatives capture detailed career aptness or offer bespoke predictive benchmarks (see Performance Predictor description below).

The SuccessFinder’s data-driven methodology measures 85 statistically distinct behavioral scales, yielding 26 behavioral competencies, and employs 35 specific career themes. This enables the creation of a virtually infinite amount of combinations of traits, generating a highly detailed, nuanced and accurate portrait of a person’s profile. In terms of its predictive capabilities, SuccessFinder’s database already consists of over 600 career success benchmarks based on real high performers in their fields that can be compared to an individual’s profile (across industries, divisions, job fields, specific roles, leadership levels).

One of Our Solutions: Performance Predictor

We work with clients to develop specialized custom benchmarks. These custom benchmarks capture the fundamental attributes of high performers in a specific position within their organization and are used to predict success in that role with remarkable accuracy. Some examples include store managers, inside sales people, professional athletic coaches, and investment analysts.  SuccessFinder can generate data that is precisely tailored to your organization, based on your culture, unique talent profiles, and the KPIs that matter most to you and that drive success in your business.

“SuccessFinder is the leader in career and human success metrics and the only behavioral tool that actually provides a single, very accurate “career success quotient” for over 600 specific jobs.”

Dr. Larry Cash
Founder, SuccessFinder