The Science of People

The Science of SuccessFinder

SuccessFinder was built on four decades of research and development. While it does not account for knowledge, skills or abilities, SuccessFinder predicts career satisfaction and success based on discriminating factors: human behavior and competencies.

Behaviors and competencies are the key differentiators in performance.  High performers share a common subset of behaviors and competencies that they are extremely adept at using. The career assessment compares the candidate’s personal profile with the “high performing” profile established to predict success in employment.

SuccessFinder is the only career assessment to measure 85 statistically distinct behavioral scales (few other tests measure more than 30) and 35 specific career theme scales (few other tests measure more than 10) – all of which interface with 1,500 occupational titles (few other tests measure more than 200) and 600+ Career Success Benchmarks.


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