SuccessFinder offers a wide range of solutions to support all your talent management initiatives, from self-serve solutions to expert-level certification. Streamline your hiring process and recruit the best employees for your roles with Best Fit Hiring. Support your existing employees’ career development and evolution through our Self-Awareness Assessment. And finally, empower your human resources partners with a SuccessFinder Certification, allowing them to go deeper in the science to perform comprehensive reviews, team audits, leadership assessment and more.


The Solution to Identify the Best Candidate for the Job

Facilitate your hiring process and recruit the best candidates for your organization to increase performance and reduce turnover. Capture valuable information for better coaching and on-boarding of new hires.



The Key to Career Management
and Development

Increase employee self-awareness with this self-directed assessment platform for optimized career pathing and development aligned with organizational goals.



The Tools and Insights
to Manage Talent

Acquire thorough comprehension of your employee’s behavioral DNA for career development, career pathing, and leadership team interventions. You can even become a certified SuccessFinder practitioner.


 The Solution to Select Top Performers for High Volume Positions

Top performers in a specific position share certain key characteristics. With Performance Predictor, our team of experts work closely with your company to develop the profile of your Top Performers for a specific job and help you recruit employees based on the most important traits for success in that specific role.

Performance Predictor not only helps you identify the best candidates, but also helps you simplify your hiring process by giving you a tool to evaluate and shortlist your candidates by comparing their scores against the benchmark of top performers.

A dashboard allows you to compare candidates and identify those with the highest propensity for success in that specific job. You will also get detailed information on why they fit. 

  • Increases performance by hiring the right talent.
  • Decreases costs by reducing turnover.
  • Streamlines the hiring process for easy filtering of candidates.
  • Drives employee satisfaction for best talent retention.
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Sales and financial services advisors play a critical role, and SuccessFinder has given us a tried and tested way to predict who the high performers will be in these fields. It’s having a material impact on our bottom line.

– Martin Robert
VP, Talent, Culture & Communications, SSQ

The Solution to Select Top Performers for Any Position

Hire the best candidate for any given role at any level using SuccessFinder’s Talent Predictor. Compare the behavioral profiles of your candidates against SuccessFinder’s expert-model benchmarks of top performers. Get a comprehensive profile on the most important competencies for a role and identify other relevant positions where individuals could potentially fit.

Using SuccessFinder’s Talent Predictor, you will hire more top performers in key positions, which will ultimately minimize exit rates and outplacement. 

  • Hire the best candidates for any given position.
  • Identify candidates with high growth potential for best career development.
  • Supports decision-making with objective scientific data.
  • Increase employee satisfaction with the right people in the right roles.
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We tried it first with a search for a Director and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to interpret the SuccessFinder report and the applicable, meaningful conclusions.

– Frank Monteleone
SVP Human Resources
Rexall Pharmacy

The Key to Career Management and Development

Uncover what sets an individual apart through our behavioral self-awareness assessment. Get objective data on Competencies (desired qualities to possess), Lifestyle Priorities (what’s most important to an individual in their life right now) and Vocational Incentives (what motivates an individual at work).


Employees complete the assessment at their own pace, accessing the platform online, from anywhere, at anytime. After completion, they immediately explore their interactive results and can download a summary report.

Enhance your assessment with Career Explore

The Career Explore option will shed light on potential career options or paths, identifying job areas in which individuals will fit best with over 60 predictive job family matches.

  • A self-driven interactive experience that increases self-awareness. No training required.
  • Empowers employees in their career development with an actionable report.
  • Supports career conversations between employees and managers throughout the entire talent lifecycle.
  • Identifies potential for growth.
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Participant Quotes

Helped me learn about an industry I hadn’t considered before.

Very insightful! Great tool.

Built confidence in current skillset, guided me in new directions.

Discover the Full Potential of Your Employees

With Talent Management, you will have the tools and insights to identify your top performers, better manage your employees’ careers and development and even work on leadership development and succession planning.

Talent Management includes a one-day Competency Certification Training (virtual or at your location) that will teach an individual’s behavioral profile, so that you can support and give constructive feedback to your employees and even help your leadership team with talent planning and development.

  • Empowers your Human Resources partners with a comprehensive certification that allows them to go deeper in the use of the tool and for interpretation of results for career management and development.
  • Identifies key strengths and areas of development in Problem-Solving, Relationships, Productivity, Motivation, Personal Success.
  • Helps you plan leadership transitions and development in your organization.
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Master the Science of SuccessFinder

Go beyond the reports and become an expert in understanding and using the science and power of SuccessFinder. Go deeper into the 85 Behavioral Traits, 26 Behavioral Competencies, 35 Career Themes and 600+ benchmarks.

Get access to the data and gain a thorough comprehension of the SuccessFinder model.

With this certification, you will become an expert at interpreting results to manage all stages of the employees lifecycle, from hiring to career development and management, to succession planning and exiting. You will have all the tools to help your leadership team better understand their opportunities for development and blind spots.

The Expert Certification program includes a four-day training as well as one-on-one supervisions with one of our SuccessFinder experts. Once certified, you will join an exclusive group of practitioners.

  • Unlock the full potential of the tool
  • Become completely autonomous at using the SuccessFinder data
  • Support the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to development and succession planning
  • Help your leadership team thrive and make strategic high-stakes talent decisions based on scientific data

My participation in the intensive SuccessFinder certification program was an invaluable experience. The personal yet professional environment was very effective in communicating the knowledge and skills needed to use SuccessFinder effectively. Led by engaging and expert leaders, the SuccessFinder certification process provides a unique opportunity that fosters both professional and personal development.

– Jay Harrison
Former Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman and career coach
helping athletes and other professional through career transitions.