Partners provide consulting, coaching, guidance and training. We have strategic partners that provide consulting primarily to institutional clients as well as independent practitioners that are certified to work with a range of individuals (students, professionals and executives) for coaching, career transition, and leadership development.

Strategic Partners

Certified Practitioners


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Featured Partner
Mary Larson

CEO and Founder of Mobilis

“One of the most important criteria of successful M&A and growth strategies is getting the new leadership team right. SuccessFinder’s assessment is a pivotal piece of our practice in connecting the right behavioral dynamics for long term success.”

Frederick And Associates

Leadership 2020

Serta Simmons Bedding

Connecting the Right People to Drive Business Strategy

Featured Practitioner
Paul Frederick

CEO, Frederick & Associates

“SuccessFinder gives us an extremely powerful way to understand and harness both the power and passion of the people within the organization to grow revenue and impact shareholder and stakeholder value.”