Customer Video: Behavioral Assessment Is Key to Improving Success and Performance

3 customers from different verticals discuss how SuccessFinder’s behavioral and assessment tools have helped them transform their business.

Gaetan Thomas

CEO, New Brunswick Power, Canada

“We’ve used SuccessFinder for over a decade to make talent decisions. I can’t imagine running my organization without it. It gives key insights into the natural behavior of people and helps them see the kind of work they will thrive in. I believe it has materially impacted our business. I’m a big fan.”

iA Financial Group

Performance Predictor for Recruiting and Retaining Talent

SSQ Financial Group

Predicting Top Performers

Morrison Hershfield

2020 Vision


Rexall Up-levels It’s Talent Managment with SuccessFinder


Accelerate with Behavioural Science Insights

New Brunswick Power

Achieving Business Goals One Hire at a Time