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If you are interested in training you or your staff for SuccessFinder, we have multiple options:

Expert Level Certification (4 Day)

Acquire a thorough comprehension of an individual’s behavioural DNA for career development, career pathing, and leadership team interventions. The Expert Level Certification program will equip you to leverage SuccessFinder’s assessment tool and data, including:

  • 85 Behavioral Traits
  • 26 Competencies
  • 35 Career Themes
  • 600+ Benchmarks
What you’ll learn:
  • Unlock the full potential of the SuccessFinder
  • Become completely autonomous at using all SuccessFinder data.
  • Support the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to development and succession planning.
  • Help your leadership team thrive and make strategic high-stakes talent decisions based on scientific data.
  • Access to various SuccessFinder resources.

This is a four-day certification. It includes a pre-certification curriculum and on-site learning. It is limited to 25 participants so the learning experience is personal and intimate with group discussion, lectures, and labs. You will be taking the assessment and will be learning the tool along with your own journey in self-discovery. Breakfast, lunch, and some dinners are included. Post certification, you’ll get 6 free supervision sessions with a certified expert to reinforce the learning. You will have everything you need to become a certified SuccessFinder practitioner within 12 months.

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Are you a candidate for certification?

Business Level Training (1 Day)


This training is done virtually. This is a single day training focused on the SuccessFinder competency model. It can also be tailored to the competencies most relevant to your group or organization. At the end of the training, training attendees will be certified on the 26 SuccessFinder competencies as well as SuccessFinder’s Ladder of Leadership model of key competencies in Manager, Executive and CEO level roles. This is often a great way to get introduced to SuccessFinder without committing to the rigor of full certification.  Attending this training will enable you to use SuccessFinder’s competency based solutions for selection, development and career management.

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Schedule a Private Competency Training

The Competency Certification can be scheduled and customized to your needs. It is valuable if you have a larger audience that has completed the SuccessFinder assessment and you need to understand their results. The workshop gives a good understanding of core strengths and behaviors in order to leverage them to increase the impact in your workplace.

For information about private Competency Certification, please contact us.