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35 Career Themes

SuccessFinder Solution

The SuccessFinder solution measures the strength of interest in 35 different career areas, classified within the following six occupational clusters: Business, People, Expressive, Investigative, Services and Trades. It can predict success for more 1,500 specific careers.

“SuccessFinder is the leader in career and human success metrics and the only behavioural tool that actually provides a single, very accurate “career success quotient” for over 500 specific jobs.”

Dr. Larry Cash
Founder, SuccessFinder

Investigative Cluster

This cluster encompasses the observational research, symbolic mathematics and systematic evaluation of engineering, physics, life sciences, medical research and information systems processes in an effort to achieve an in-depth understanding and evaluation of how the investigative results can be applied to the betterment of our day-to-day life through science.

• Electronic / Computer Science
• Engineering
• Mathematics / Statistics / Physics
• Medical Sciences
• Life / Environmental Sciences

Trades Cluster

The Trades cluster entails a hands-on, direct, ordered manipulation of objects, machines, tools or vehicles. This category emphasizes an ability in the learning of manual, mechanical, professional driving, construction or agricultural technical skills. These themes require an interest in activities such as operating and repairing automobiles, factory equipment and processes, electricity and carpentry and enjoyment of working outdoors, or with animals and/or agriculture.

• Construction
• Mechanics
• Transportation
• Farming and Ranching
• Manufacturing

Expressive Cluster

This cluster is attractive to individuals with an artistic interest or nature and who prefer job activities that allow them to be imaginative and/or to pursue creative endeavors. The common denominator that these individuals have is their need to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings to the world. Some examples of the medium they may use include the written or spoken word and use of language, acting or performing, playing a musical instrument, or working with wood, metals, painting or drawing materials.

• Visual Arts
• Writing
• Entertainment
• Library Services / Languages

Business Cluster

This cluster identifies the degree to which you are interested in running a business financially. It may include an interest in hiring and training employees; developing business plans to meet future needs; managing personnel; labor relations; negotiating wages or legal contracts. It may include interest in how consumers react in the marketplace to product or service choices as well as interest in selling products to consumers and deciding how to purchase, price and advertise merchandise.

• Sales
• Self Employment
• Consulting
• Management
• Marketing
• Finance
• Law & Politics

Services Cluster

This cluster is appealing to those individuals with preferences for activities that involve working and assisting customers directly through services such as providing cleaning, ushering, retail selling, or food services. It may also entail administrative assistance, ensuring safety practices, protecting citizens’ welfare and an interest in caring for children or the home. For those with a high interest in the services cluster of themes, a salary is usually less of a priority than the desire to serve others or possess job security. Unlike the people theme, the sophisticated, in-depth knowledge of human nature is not required.

• Retail
• Inspection
• Protective Services
• Home & Children
• Food Services
• Administration
• Personal Services
• Government Services

People Cluster

The People cluster entails working with people to inform, educate, develop, medically interact or inspire spiritually. This category requires an interest in developing one’s interpersonal, teaching, or social compassion competencies. As well, it involves extensive knowledge of medicine, diagnosis and psychological understanding of human nature. Sports are also included in this category since many sports require intensive teamwork skills and orientation in order to succeed.

• Sports
• Education
• Medical Services
• Behavioural Sciences
• Social Sciences
• Religion / Philosophy / Ethics


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