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“Best Behaved” Blogs in 2017: Top 5 Talent Management Ideas

5 Best Behaved Blogs of 2017

We’re all about behavioral DNA here at SuccessFinder, so we’ve packaged up the best-behaved blogs of the year (most popular too) as a holiday gift for our readers.

Whether you are just exploring the potential of predictive career success with behavioral assessment, or you’ve been using it in your organization to transform your talent management strategies, we think these insiders’ ideas are worth a read!

#1. How to Predict Passionate Employees: Pair People with Their Best-Fit Jobs

Point of view from Successfinder founder, Dr. Larry Cash.

“Only employees exceptionally suited for what they do, coupled with an intense love of what they do, produce exceptional results.

An exceptional candidate screening and selection process could be one of your most crucial processes for the overall success of your organization. Since the highest performers deliver 4X the value of others in the same role, there is a lot riding on making high stakes hiring evaluations for both short and long-term impact.

This blog highlights the SuccessFinder Assessment Platform, premised on nearly 40 years of research that consistently concludes that once screened for requisite skills, knowledge, experience, the “right behavior” is the only true driver behind best fit candidate selection.


#2. 99% of HR Leaders Want to Improve Hiring with Behavioral Insights

 Highlights from November 2017 SuccessFinder poll about critical issues in hiring and development

In a SuccessFinder poll of 230 HR leaders, it was nearly unanimous that understanding candidate behavior is an important or extremely important factor in optimizing hiring decisions.

North America’s tight labor market with record lows in unemployment and record highs in open jobs going unfilled, makes it doubly challenging to find the best employee for the job. According to staffing firm Robert Half International, one concession companies are grappling with is that they may need to settle on candidates without all the requisite skills; in fact maybe only 70-75% of the skills on a job description. Therefore, in this market, in particular, behavior is quickly becoming the trump card.

Check out what else your peers are thinking about tapping behavior in their hiring and development programs.


#3. Women in Leadership: Take Risks and Play to Win

Personal perspective from Genevieve, Fortier, SuccessFinder customer and former SVP of HR and Public Affairs at McKesson; also an active board member and development coach/mentor.

Sadly, even women in the most senior business roles, like blog author, Genevieve Fortier, agree with the recent SuccessFinder “Mission Imposter” research results showing that even at the CEO level, women are as competent, but clearly not as confident as their male peers.

Her blog looks at the history that contributed to this situation, but also the evolution in play today that is changing how women and men look at the workplace and their roles in leading to new perspectives on meaningful work and engaged teams.

She highlights as well, her own experience in bringing about that organizational transformation that will empower a different mix of board and c-suite leaders as well as a better balance between men and women at the top of the business hierarchy.


#4. CEO Perspective: Creating an Inclusive Leadership Culture

SuccessFinder CEO Ron Dahms on building a culture that stymies Imposter Syndrome practices.

2016 Credit Suisse study showed that public companies whose management teams had at least 15% females, delivered 50% better growth than companies with less than 10% females in the C-suite. Yet, there is a leak in the female leadership pipeline: today, women make up 59% of college graduates, 39% of managers, and just 6% of CEOs.

So what can CEO’s and business leaders do to stop squandering the potential of their businesses and their female leaders? Plenty.

Ron Dahms, CEO at SuccessFinder, experienced personally—and through the journeys of his clients—how leadership diversity can stimulate a vibrant breadth of perspective. His blog highlights three ways to create meaningful and impactful leadership team diversity:

  1. Adapt your strategies on hiring and team engagement
  2. Use data to connect people to the best roles — and teams
  3. Reinforce culture with mentoring and continual feedback

5. The New Leadership Imperative: Do You Have What it Takes to Perform?

SuccessFinder partner, Paul Frederick who counsels boards on top executive placement and succession, shares insights on agile leadership behaviors required in today’s businesses.

Many of today’s corporate leaders have been grooming for executive positions for a few decades. They’ve developed strength in business acumen, depth, and breadth of skill sets and firsthand experience in finding and building teams.

But today’s top brass will not succeed with the strength of experience alone. In order to competently and confidently make timely high-risk decisions that drive business performance, their jobs—like high-wire performers—require that they are not just strong, but that they have the behavioral leadership performance competencies that empower them to also be extremely agile.

This blog outlines the business drivers behind the agile performance requirements and also spotlights the eight most critical behaviors for high performing executives.


One more thing: why not celebrate the season of giving and share any or all of these insights with anyone in your network looking for better talent tools?!

From all of us to each of you: wishing you an insightful 2018!



About the Author: Lisa Hartley is Chief Marketing Officer at SuccessFinder, where she leverages nearly two decades of expertise in Human Capital Management software with companies including SuccessFactors, Taleo and PeopleSoft.



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