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SuccessFinder’s Performance Predictor Solution Set to Disrupt Talent Acquisition

Delivering Predictive Analytics to Optimize Recruitment and Drive Business Results

Montreal – November 4, 2019  : SuccessFinder is excited to announce, today, the re-launch of Performance Predictor, the award-winning product from its suite of Best Fit Hiring Solutions. Performance Predictor has already been revolutionizing hiring and now has improved data visualization and added features to add to its best-selling solution. This predictive tool measures best job fit by offering a customized hiring benchmark that is role and company specific. The solution allows human resources decision makers and business executives to more effectively assess, screen, filter, select and develop for the best job fit for a specific high-volume role within their organization.

Carolyn Hass, VP Product and R&D at SuccessFinder, explains that the Performance Predictor solution is a “people analytics solution that allows firms to identify, measure, and predict performance based on key critical traits”. She also states that “this solution offers an unparalleled predictive approach to hiring for performance with its proven 85% rate of predictability for success in a role.”

At the end of 2018 Performance Predictor was awarded a gold medal for Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology and a silver medal for Best Advance in Candidate Assessments Technology at the Excellence in Technology Awards held by the Brandon Hall group.

SuccessFinder’s Performance Predictor provides a unique data-driven methodology and creates a custom benchmark that captures the behavioral DNA of a firms’ high performers in a role using their most critical KPI’s. Features and benefits of the Performance Predictor solution include:

  • A personalized candidate report that allows comparison of an individual profile to the key behaviors that characterize the custom benchmark
  • A fit score compared to all employees and a comparison dashboard with a score for everyone assessed
  • Clickable key insights and details of underlying behaviors with an interpretation of the fit score
  • The ability to predict performance for recruitment, personalized onboarding and employee development
  • A methodology providing greater accuracy and predictability in hiring

Performance Predictor is available on the SuccessFinder cloud-based platform. For more information on the SuccessFinder suite of solutions, visit or contact to book a demo. 

About SuccessFinder:

SuccessFinder is a Montreal-based technology company specialized in human resources. The company understands people like no one else and leverages predictive analytics through an integrated platform, powered by sophisticated algorithms. With its 3rd generation behavioral assessment, it delivers both the technology and analytics to unlock opportunities for people and organizations achieve their full potential. Boasting an expertise in developing predictive models, SuccessFinder is helping organizations make better decisions about their talent and maximize their people by putting them in the right roles. SuccessFinder is proven at more than 75 major organizations including McKesson, McGill University, Industrial Alliance, and CAE.

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