SuccessFinder is a next generation assessment technology company. We are unique in that we provide a single test that crosses roles and can be used as a foundation across the employee lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement. With more than 4 decades of experience working with companies across geographies and industries, we deliver proven solutions to transform how you hire, develop, manage and promote people.​

We, along with our partners, give organizations the intelligence they need to anticipate and plan for evolving business challenges. The result is better performance across your organization.


Unlocking opportunities for people and organizations to achieve their full potential. Every time.


Absolute Dedication

We are dedicated in everything we do. We are passionate, accountable and self-directed because we actually care about what we do and how we do it. Our quest for excellence keeps us pushing to find the right solutions. In every interaction.

Creative Intelligence

Thinking outside the box is a crucial part of all we do and we simply couldn’t achieve or maintain success without it. We work hard to be the most relevant at what we do and to continuously improve our solutions. This requires critical thinking, always. We provide insights that our clients can’t ignore.

Seriously Chill

We lead from the heart and strive to develop lasting and sincere relationships. Although our work is serious, we make sure we have fun while doing it. Every day, we work to cultivate the winning chemistry and teamwork that ensure people and organizations succeed.

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