Value of Efficiency

Today, companies spend $3B on assessments with poor results (less than 13% engagement). We fix this by helping people discover their unique passions and suggesting roles that optimize their potential.

One Universal Tool

Unlike other assessment companies, we provide a single tool that can be used across the organization: for all roles and levels and at every stage in the employee life cycle.

Behavioral DNA

Like the human genome project mapped human DNA, SuccessFinder maps behavioral DNA. Coupled with benchmarks, it will predict job fit.

Real Bottom-Line Benefits

SuccessFinder is changing the way modern companies, coaches, and individuals think about personal assessment

Business Benefits

  • Avoid the cost of a bad hire
  • Slash onboarding costs with targeted development/coaching right from point of hire
  • Increase retention due to better fit hiring and promotion
  • Avoid costly litigation by hiring without bias
  • Differentiate high potentials from high performers
  • Increase bench strength and know who to target for accelerated leadership programs
  • Decrease training costs based on highest need behaviors
  • Increase engagement due to people operating in their strengths
  • Transform your workforce into one focused on performance at every level

Why We’re Different

Most tests focus on the individual, ours is robust enough to use across the organization to deliver a performance-driven culture.

Not a Personality Test

Our test is robust enough to count on. It focuses on specific job-related behavioral constructs which are relevant to job performance versus broad, personality constructs.

Best Statistical Evidence

26 competencies
35 years experience
85 traits
600+ specific benchmarks

One Comprehensive Test

It would take more than 20+ assessments to fully capture all behavioral/competency data that SuccessFinder obtains from its one assessment.

Predictor of Success

Most personality test are 30% accurate when applied to jobs, ours is 85% accurate.

Start transforming your business with SuccessFinder today!

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