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Professional development and self-improvement are in-demand. SuccessFinder empowers you with key objective people data for impactful behavioral coaching.

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What other coaches are saying

As a retirement planning consultant, I use SuccessFinder as a tool to help my clients discover their lifestyle priorities and motivators for leading a happy life in their next chapter. The clarity and self-knowledge that SuccessFinder provides is important to tailoring their lifestyle and activities to their unique preferences.

Susan Latremoille

Susan Latremoille

Founder, SuccessDNA - 'helping baby boomers rewire not retire', Partner, Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors

Having worked in talent development and career management for many years, I find SuccessFinder’s accuracy, simplicity, and most significantly its deep resonance with clients, that sets it apart from other assessments in the marketplace today.

Haitham Khoury, Ph.D.

Haitham Khoury, Ph.D.

Director of Career Management Services & Leadership Development Coach and Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, American University of Beirut

Less instinct. More insight.

1 single assessment

Composed of 340 forced-choice questions to be done in 45 minutes on any device

85 behavioral traits

analyzed to identify the respondent’s personality, highlight strengths and points of development and leading to a framework of 26 behavioral competencies.

35 career interests

measured to display natural preferences

Gain an in-depth understanding

of the individual’s behavioral profile including strengths and areas of development

Assess fit

against top performers for specific positions and leadership levels using evidence-based data

Coach them to achieve their full potential

address candidates’ potential blind spots and develop their strengths

The SuccessFinder Negotiation trait:

Naturally focused on bargaining to reach a fair agreement for all.

Tips to improve Negotiation

  • Prior to your next negotiation, systematically plan for it. Know your position. What do you want to achieve? Know the position of the other parties. What are their objectives, strengths, weaknesses? Know your negotiating limits. What is negotiable and what is not? Keep calm, say facts instead of emotions and give your counterpart space to create a good working relationship.
  • Clearly identify the areas of agreement to help move the group forward. When stuck, clarify the range of disagreement and realign on common interests. The idea is to look beyond individual positions and align the discussion around the common interest to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Negotiation is not a competition! The best-case scenario is when everyone leaves feeling the room like a winner. If you agree to let go of something, make sure you take something in return, if not you are giving something “for free”. The same goes if you gain something, seek to give in return. If your counterpart feel cornered or blocked, it won’t advance. This perspective allows for equality without giving too much or taking too little.

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