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99% of HR Leaders Want to Tip the Hiring Scales with Behavioral Insights

Tipping the hiring scales with behavioral insight

In a SuccessFinder poll of 230 HR leaders last week, it was nearly unanimous that understanding candidate behavior is an important or extremely important factor in optimizing hiring decisions.

North America’s tight labor market with record lows in unemployment and record highs in open jobs going unfilled, makes it doubly challenging to find the best employee for the job. And HR leaders know that the highest performers can outpace can their peers in productivity by up to 400%.

According to staffing firm Robert Half International, one concession companies are grappling with is that they may need to settle on candidates without all the requisite skills; in fact maybe only 70-75% of the skills on a job description. Therefore, in this market in particular, behavior is quickly becoming the trump card.

The reasoning: by pairing insight on what a candidate has done with HOW they go about doing it, companies can get a better predictor on the cultural and job fit based how their behaviors stack up against current high performers in those roles. With a “match” in behavioral profile, companies get a much more predictable view on the potential for success — or failure — in their organization.

Here are the stats surfaced in SuccessFinder’s interactive Best Fit Hiring webinar on Tuesday, November 7th with more than 230 participants in HR and organizational development leadership roles. How do these responses compare to your organization’s bet fit hiring? Take a look:

  • 78% report that they could be doing a better job of developing and keeping high performers.
  • 99% say that candidate behavior is important or extremely important in their selection process
    • 45% use observations during the interview or from references to gauge behavior
    • 12% admit they really don’t have a predictable way to understand behavior
    • And only 12% use tools to get a comprehensive insight on career-related behaviors of their people.

This all points to a gap between aspiration and reality when it comes to getting the very best hiring and promotion options in a tight labor market. The good news: HR leaders recognize the need for a different “lever” in what is far too often decision-making based on a gut check.

As webinar presenter and SuccessFinder customer, Frank Monteleone, the head of HR at Rexall Pharmacy, LTD shared: SuccessFinder is the only tool for predicting both career success and career satisfaction.

And the proof is in the numbers. In the high churn retail pharmacy sector, Rexall has cut employee churn in half. In fact, only 6% of all employees hired using results of a SuccessFinder assessment have left the organization.

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